Fakhreddine predicts knockout at Brave 16

Mohammad Ali Fakhreddine was among the first breakout superstars from the Middle Eastern MMA scene. The outspoken and charismatic fighter from Lebanon started off with a four fight win streak in his professional career to be stopped by Jarrah Al Selawe with a Kimura submission. However Fakhreddine beat the odds in a rematch where he defeated the welterweight sensation from Lebanon in a fight that went to the judges. For 12 professional fights, Fakhreddine went without a knockout or TKO. However he faced his first TKO stoppage which is allegedly an early stoppage according to most of his fans.

Mohammad Fakhreddine will be making his comeback fight at Brave 16 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He will face yet another breakout star from Dagestan who have fought five fights in Brave Combat Federation and bounced back from two losses in the promotion to win over the ex-UFC veteran, Leonardo “Macarrão” Mafra by verbal submission in a welterweight bout. The bout marks the fifth appearance by Fakhreddine with Brave Combat Federation, making him the fighter from Lebanon with most appearances in the promotion.

With two of the most unpredictable fighters with unorthodox fighting styles to matchup, the fans are in for surprises. Fakhreddine acknowledges:

“With Gadzhimusa Gaziev, the fight is going to be good. He is good and a explosive guy. I love action as well, both of us like to brawl and to put on a show. So I see a knockout all the way. I invite all my fans to be at the show and it will be too god not to miss.”


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