Fakhreddine speaks up on recent callouts: ‘It’s a pleasure’

(Mon, June 19, 2017)– Mohammad Fakhreddine has been on a tear in and out of the Brave Combat Federation cage. After two finishes in his two promotional fights, the Lebanese Welterweight apparently has a target on his back, with several athletes challenging him to a fight.

First it was Lukasz Witos, who came in at the last minute at Brave 6 and lost to Fakhreddine by TKO. The Polish fighter claimed it was his dream to get a rematch with “The Latest” after a proper training camp. Then it was time for Carlston Harris to try and lure Fakhreddine in to the Brave cage with him. The Guianese-born Welterweight made waves at Brave 3: Battle in Brazil when he finished Thiago “Monstro” in the co-main event, and after hearing that Fakhreddine wanted to fight in his adopted country, “Moçambique” called him out.

“It’s actually a pleasure for me to be called out by so many guys, because it means I’m doing something right and everyone wants what I have. Brave’s Welterweight division is very dangerous, it has so many super tough and talented guys. I don’t take it the wrong way, absolutely not. As a matter of fact, I like it and I’m up for any challenge”, guarantees the Lebanese who reaffirmed his wish to fight in Brazil, with Brave probably coming back to where it all started for mixed martial arts in the near future.

“I’m waiting to know if I get to fight in Brazil, but I hope they make it happen. I would love to meet the country, many of my favorite fighters are Brazilian, it would be an honor to fight in front of the fans down there, hopefully I’ll fight for the belt too”, claims Fakhreddine.

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