FFC 26: Pejić vs. Vila in featherweight title bout


Monday June 20, 2016– After successful debut in the US, Final Fight Championship is about to return to Europe and its first event after summer break will take place September 23 in Linz, Austria. FFC officials revealed a couple of good matches that will take place this fall, but the most interesting bouts for the regional audience will definitely be the ones with Filip Pejić vs. Ahmed Vila who will fight for the featherweight title and Darko Stošić vs. Dion Staring in a heavyweight title bout.

Ahmed Vila vs. Filip Pejić

After he shocked Viktor Halmi in his FFC debut and won the lightweight title, Ahmed Vila will drop to featherweight division in order to attack yet another bell. This 20 year old Bosnian fighter from Sarajevo was preparing for such a move for quite some time now and he claims this new category will suit him much better.

In his upcoming match Vila is to face one of the best fighters in Southeast Europe and former UFC fighter, Filip Pejić. ‘Nitro’ was aware of the fact that he did not show himself in the best light in the UFC Octagon. Some say that he burned out, that he was too euphoric or that he had to cut too much weight. But whatever the reason for his UFC loss be, Pejić say he would fight in the FFC long time ago with the aim of winning the belt.

Dion Staring vs. Darko Stošić

FFC 26 Linz, Austria, will finally feature Darko Stošić vs Dion Staring match that was already to take place in the US but was postponed due to Staring’s injury. In the US Stošić fought Manny Murillo and won via TKO in the first minute already. His impressive win only confirmed he was definitely ready for a title shot.

Robin Van Roosmalen, Norman Parke, Mladen Brestovac, Samo Petje

Moreover, Final Fight Championship’s 26th edition also features Glory’s star Robin Van Roosmalen in the MMA part of the event, as well as Norman Parke and Vlado Šikić. It will be Parke’s first match after UFC Fight Night at which he fought Rustam Khabilov.

Kickboxing part of the evening will not be any less impressive. Only some of the bigger names that will enter the FFC ring this fall will be Shkodran Veseli and Eyevan Danenberg who will fight for the title, as well as heavyweight champ Mladen Brestovac and FFC’s former champion Samo Petje who will step into the ring for the first time after his loss in Athens.


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