(FFC) Final Fight Championship 24: Desmond Green

Do not blink! Desmond Green promises early stoppage!

Wednesday May 25, 2016 For its US debut Final Fight Championship reinforced its roster with talented 26 year old Desmond Green. This American fighter got into the combat sports world via wrestling and built his reputation fighting with some of the world’s biggest names. This time he will fight Desmond Hill.

Desmond Green, nicknamed ‘The Predator’, has a score of 16 wins and five losses. He is most known for being a Bellator tournament finalist in lightweight division where he fought Daniel Weichel, one of the best fighters in this category who later became the contender. Despite the fact that the German fighter won in this match, Green defeated some other well-known fighters such as former UFC fighter Steven Siler, Miguel Torres and Henry Martinez, but he also defeated UFC fighter Rob Fond whom he defeated in his professional debut.

For his FFC debut, this former Titan FC champ is preparing in one of the most famous gyms – Blackzillians.
„I am preparing for this fight in South Florida with the Blackzilians. Nothing has changed really. I’m just working on getting better at every position and becoming a complete fighter,“ revealed Green.

Green promises a good fight

„I can offer an exciting fight and guaranteed to have the fans on the edge of their seats. I’ve heard FFC is a great promotion from my teammates so I look forward to competing under their organization.“

On his opponent, Desmond Hill

„I think my opponent has some punching power and a good record. However, when it comes to overall skill-set, I don’t see him on my level at all and I think I should get an early finish. I plan on just using my speed and athleticism to get me a TKO and my striking under Henry Hooft has gotten better by the day.“

On Bellator and his goals

„I was very surprised when I got an email from Bellator staff saying that I was getting cut. But you know, I’m a very positive person and realized everything happens for a reason so I just use it as motivation to prove them wrong and get into the UFC and get that Gold Belt as well, and gone I feel I’m close and I feel that will accomplish that.“

Featherweight fighter meets welterweight this time

„Although most of my fights are at featherweight I started out as lightweight and I’ve always been around 165 to 170 pounds. So moving up back lightweight has been healthier for me as far as my performance and whenever you can make a stronger fighter you make a better fighter so I do not feel like I will be giving up size even with him due to my height. And the fact that I am also still a pretty big 155 pounder. As well as speed will play in my favor.“

UFC by the end of the year

„Yes, I feel that I am very close to breaking a barrier and getting into the UFC. I feel with just three years of experience and a lot of fights, my record is deceiving. But I am very patient and I know that I will get there soon. I’m guessing I put together three or four wins in a row with this record now and accolades I have, I will get there before the end of 2016.“

Best win ever

„My most memorable fighting moment either was the 42 second KO I had against Miguel Torres for my Titan debut or my last performance in Chechnya. I had a first round doctor stoppage against a game 17-3 David Cubas. Complete blood bath!“

Forced to do extra job, concentrated on fighting career

„I have three kids so the pay I received from just fighting isn’t enough to live off of. Let alone the fact that I have to support them. So now again I have to pick up a part-time job. I had a part-time job when I first moved to Florida. I used to work overnights as a janitor until I have saved up enough money be comfortable for a couple months and now with these fights getting lined up every month or two, I have been able to just focus on fighting and it has really shown in my learning and growing as a martial artist.“



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