FightBookMMA and MMAROADHOG Racing join forces

February 15, 2017- Recently FightBookMMA and MMAROADHOG Racing have teamed up together. FightBookMMA will be featured on the MMAROADHOAD Racing hood for the 2017 iRacing Series. MMAROADHOG Racing is now a FightBookMMA affiliate. I caught up with MMAROADHOG Racing owner Sam Doughty to get his thoughts on the new tag team.


What embodies MMAROADHOG Racing as a whole?
MMAROADHOG Racing embodies to strive to make the worlds of Racing and MMA  collide
How did you get into the iRacing Series?
I got into iRacing 5 years ago for fun and enjoyment. I love the thrill and adrenaline rush from racing and I have been hooked ever since
You have a stable of WMMA stars that you sponsor.
How did that come about and what all-stars are in your stable?
It came about 3 years ago when I was approached by some known management personnel and I was asked to sponsor a fighter for Invicta Fighting Championship. It was a thrill for me to see my logo on her shorts and banner and I have been hooked ever since. My current fighters are Shannon Sinn, Jessica Borga, Amber Leibrock, Miranda Maverick, Andrea Lee, Katy Collins, Jamie Mildowski, Yana Kunitskaya, Laken Jowers, Jillian DeCoursey, Kaitlyn Young, Kelly D’Angelo, Jodie Esquibel, Amy Montenegro, Jessica Middleton and Amber Brown.
You’ve been racing for five years now. How have you evolved as a driver?
As a driver I have evolved into a more careful but aggressive and determined driver. I don’t have friends when I am racing.
You’ve teamed up with FightBookMMA how did that happen and what does that mean to you?
I have enjoyed received my up to date Combative News Worldwide through FightBookMMA. Striving to be the best at what we do is what we both have in common.
One last question what can the FightBookMMA and MMAROADHOG Racing faithful fans expect for the 2017 season?
Hardcore and skillful racing. From day one my motto is my octagon is on the race track and I will not stop until I am Championship bound.

FightBookMMA CEO/Owner Roberto Villa stated:

This is exciting news, we are really honored to be able to join forces with such a great company. MMAROADHOG have the same goals as us to be the best out there. Can’t wait to see where this goes in the near future.

By: Dustin Hill


MMAROADHOG Racing is the premier eSports iRacing professional race team to strive to make the worlds of Racing and MMA collide! My Octagon is on the Race Track!

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