FightBookMMA announces partnership with MMA & Boxing Promotion Truly Grand Fighting Championship (TGFC)

FightBookMMA announces a partnership with MMA Promotion Truly Grand Fighting Championship (TGFC). They are a martial arts organization established by Abdul Wasi Sharifi back in 2017 in Kabul City.

Sharifi graduated from computer science faculty in Logar province and he’s a Professional MMA Fighter who fought under the Super Fight League banner. TGFC is composed of youth, medallists and coaches who work for improvement, coordination and capacity development of athletes across the country. Unfortunately, the level of crimes is high, and many of their youth have become addicts to narcotic drugs in the country.

TGFC has presented a great number of champions and medallists to their society of athletes and plans to continue its efforts for prosperity in Afghanistan. Vulnerable juveniles who are interested in sports but who can’t afford to achieve their dreams due to anti-discrimination, persuasion, inclusion and poverty are among other objectives the organization face. With that being siad, the promotion is helping to make a change in providing an outlet with TGFC to keep these fighters out of the streets and make their dreams come true to become a martial artist.

For the first time the organization has held two MMA and Boxing events for the female athletes. From the established date until now, they’ve organized two MMA events and one Professional Boxing event.

CEO of FightBookMMA Roberto Villa stated:

It’s with great honor to partner up with Truly Grand Fighting Championship. I love what they are doing in giving these fighters a chance showcase their skills. FightBookMMA is here to give the coverage and give these athletes a platform here in the states. We want to show what promotions like TGFC are doing to better the life of these fighters in their country. I can’t wait to see where the future holds for us!

Abdul Wasi Sharifi Owner of TGFC stated:

“Truly Grand Fighting Championship of Afghanistan is growing fast, and is pleased to announce the recent New partnership with FightBookMMA, It has been a tremendous success. It’s raised new opportunities which has enabled us as a team to branch out internationally, join forces & create unity & worldwide partnerships. We are currently well on our way to Global Unity on an International market level, currently under full contract partnership agreements with various countries. We are now seeking to expand even further with new International organization, partnership & feel grateful for such an opportunity. I want to thank Roberto Villa my partner for his full support of “Truly Grand Fighting Championship of Afghanistan ” & am looking forward to the Next “Grand Championship Event “I am honored to be in partnership with such professional organizations & am forever grateful to have been given my chance to make a difference in this world & to help inspire others to also never give up on their dreams. The Future looks bright!”

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