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FightBookMMA Catches Up With King Mo

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Friday February 19, 2016— King Mo sat down with FightBookMMA today to talk a bit about his past tournament in Japan and his plans. I asked King how was his trip to Japan for the Rizin FF New Year’s Day tournament he competed in back in December and he said

“Everything went great. I had respect for everybody but I knew I was going to win.”

Without sounding to cocky Mo showed that he has nothing but respect for the fighters that entered the tournament with him, and even though there were some no names you never underestimate an opponent. After winning the tournament he not only earned the satisfaction of dominating his opponents he received a nice belt to take home for the trophy case.

Now back in the states I asked Mo what his plans are and what he feels about Bellator opening up a kickboxing division.

“I love kickboxing been watching it my whole career. I’m a huge fan of Joe Schilling, he is a bad ass white-boy that can kick anyone’s ass”.

As excited that Mo is for the kickboxing to start-up we all still await Mo’s return to the octagon. I asked him if his plans are to stay in light heavyweight or after his success in the tournament maybe moving up t heavyweight.

“I’m a fighter! I don’t care who I fight! I don’t just fight names I fight opponents. If the put someone in front of me I’m going to fight him that’s what I do to “make my money”.

I went on to ask if he would consider fighting a Bobby Lashley or even Kimbo Slice.

“Oh yeah no problem if I had the opportunity, I would fight Minakov no problem”.

One thing I have learned from King Mo is that he is fearless and will fight anyone one anytime, from the octagon to the wrestling ring. In my eyes that’s the view of a true champion. As we all wait for Mo’s next opponent to be announced, I know for a fact that when it does get announced be prepared for the King to return ready to make a run at the Thrown.

By: Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”



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