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Rio Rancho, NM (Monday, October 31, 2016)– Bellator 164: Koreshkov vs. Lima 2 will take place in Isreal at Menora Mivtachim Arena on November 10, 2016. The event will air on SPIKE in America on Friday Nov. 11, 2016 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT.

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In the main event, we will see a welterweight world title rematch between current division champion Andrey Koreshkov (19-1) who will be facing Douglas Lima (27-6). Bellator has partnered with Ananey Communications, an Israeli television conglomerate boasting 14 channels. They have showcased Viacom content including the EGO and EGO TOTAL channels which have broadcast Bellator in Israel since 2012.

FIghtBookMMA had the pleasure to talk with one of the fighters on the card Zane Jeffery Clerk. This will be his debuting fight under the Bellator MMA banner as he will be facing Haim Gozali. These two fighters will open up the prelims for the night which will broadcast LIVE on, and The Bellator Mobile App. Below you can check out Zane Clerks interview with FightBookMMA owner Roberto Villa.

Roberto: Hello Zane thanks for taking the time to talk to me. You and Bellator will be debuting in Isreal which is very exciting. For the people who don’t know you, where are you from?

Zane: I’m from Marion Illinois!

Roberto: How long have you been training?

Zane: I have been training for 5 years, and hold a blue belt in Gadi Kenpo Jitsu.

Roberto: So in those 5 years of training, have you been given a nickname and if so how did you acquire it?

Zane: My nickname has always been “Kill A Man”, my dad gave me this nickname when I first started training and competing because I would walk out to the song “Kill A Man” by Rage Against The Machine.

Roberto: Rage Against The Machine is one of my favorite bands and that’s one of my favorite songs from them. What was the reason when you said to your self, “You know what, I want to be a fighter”

Zane: I first got into fighting to find an outlet for anger, and frustration. I was bullied a lot throughout school when I was younger, and found martial arts as a way to deal with all the years of this. When I got into high school I stopped being bullied because I knew how to defend myself, and in turn, started defending others that were unable to defend themselves.

Roberto: That is something we both have in common. I was bullied in school as well. We all need to help stop bullying which is another reason we support the RMA foundation.

Roberto: When you decided to become a fighter, did your family and friends support you right away?

Zane: Both my family and friends supported this decision, and helped me as much as they could along the way.

Roberto: That’s good that you have that support which is very important for a fighter. What’s your current record in MMA?

Zane: I have a current MMA record of 1-1 but I have a history of amateur kickboxing, and boxing.

Roberto: What team do you train at out of?

Zane: I have trained at Combined Martial Arts for 5 years, they will always be my foundation and a place I put in my hardest work.

Roberto: When stepping into the cage, what do you prefer to do, stand up or ground?

Zane: I am comfortable anywhere the fight decides to go, and always look to finish anywhere it goes.

Roberto: Good answer. What weight division do you fight in?

Zane: I fight anywhere from 145-170 always up for a challenge at many weights!

Roberto: Knowing how this sport is always evolving, what makes you different from other fighters?

Zane: My heart divides me from other fighters. Other fighters may have heart, but they don’t have mine. I have not 1 ounce of quit in me. Especially in this fight. He will have to kill me to stop me from moving forward.

Roberto: The no quit attitude and having heart is something to always have when it comes to fighting in the cage/ring. With that being said, if you could fight anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

Zan: I would fight Micheal Bisping. I feel like our styles are similar, and believe it would be a fun match up.

Roberto: Micheal Bisping is an interesting choice but I would pay to see that fight. So who has been your toughest fight?

Zane: All of my opponents have been very tough, in victory, or defeat, but my toughest opponent in every fight I have is myself. As long as I believe in myself and don’t let the mental barriers of this game get to me, I believe I can beat anyone.

Roberto: That’s a good answer, not everyone see themselves as their own opponent. So when fight night comes and you’re walking to the cage, what keeps you calm and ready?

Zane: Some good music, stretching, meditation, and thinking about my family, especially my son.

Roberto: Thinking about your family and son is a good motivation for you to do your best when stepping into the cage. Now what promotions have you fought for?

Zane: Fight Hard MMA, Indiana Fighting Championship, Griggs Entertainment.

Roberto: Those are great promotions. And speaking about promotions you have a fight coming up debuting in Israel fighting for Bellator MMA on Nov. 10th and you’re facing Haim Gozali, what have you learned about him and what holes do you see where you can capitalize?

Zane: I have learned that he is mostly a ground fighter. He has a black belt under Renzo Gracie which is very impressive. I have picked out holes in all aspects of his game, and believe I will be able to capitalize well on what I have studied and prepared for.

Roberto: That’s good and of course you don’t want to give out any secrets on your game plan. Out of all the people in your life, who has been your #1 supporter since day one?

Zane: My #1 supporter has been my dad. This will be the first fight he hasn’t been able to come to since its in Israel. He has always had my back in every choice I’ve made, and been there to corner and support me in every fight.

Roberto: It’s always good to have family behind you especially parents. It’s really good to hear that your dad has your back, but he will be there in spirit and watching you fight.

Roberto: How would you describe your fighting style and why?

Zane: I consider my fighting style very well rounded. I am comfortable anywhere. I don’t panic at anytime in any position. I like a good scrap. Watch me fight November 11th for Bellator MMA and you will be able to paint the rest of the picture by seeing me!

Roberto: Good answer. Alright Zane now that we know a little about the fighting side of you, let’s talk a little about you. What is something people might not know about you?

Zane: My mother is my biggest inspiration when it comes to fighting in general. She passed away April 16th, 2013 from stage 4 lung cancer. She fought this horrible thing for a year before she won and was blessed with returning home to God. Every fight I have is for her. All my strength in the gym, all the will to have early mornings, and late nights is from her. She is my inspiration, because she showed me what it truly meant to have courage, stare death in the face, and smile.

Roberto: Sorry to hear about your mother. Cancer is something that no one should deal with, I’ve had family and friends that has had cancer so I know what you went through. Its really inspiring that everything you do is for your mom.

Roberto: What do you like to do in your free time?

Zane: People might not know that I hold a career in sales along with competing as a Mixed Martial Artist! I love to skateboard, hang out with my son, spend time with my fiance and family

Roberto: Who is your favorite fighter, and it doesn’t have to be in MMA it could be in any other Combat Sport?

Zane: My favorite fighter is definitely Nick Diaz.

Roberto: Nick Diaz is a funny as hell and a great fighter. What has been your biggest accomplishment outside the cage?

Zane: My biggest accomplishment outside of the cage is being my son’s father. I hold that highest among any of my accomplishments.

Roberto: So the following questions are just some, well, like my boy Blake would say on his podcast The Loaded Joe’s MMA Podcast, some random ass questions.

Roberto: What is your favorite food?

Zane: My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. It doesn’t matter what restaurant I go to, or what else I get there, I have to try mac and cheese everywhere!

Roberto: Mac and Cheese interesting but I like it. Other than fighting, what hidden talent or talents do you have?

Zane: I’m good at skateboarding! I have skated for a long time and enjoy it very much. I believe I possess some skill but mostly do it for fun!

Roberto: Who is your idol and why?

Zane: Jesus Christ is my idol. There is so much to learn from him and his teachings. I strive to make myself more like him every day.

Roberto: If your religious or not Jesus Christ story is very inspiring. 

Roberto: What is your favorite movie?

Zane: My favorite movie is all of the Rocky movies. I have been in love with the story ever since I first saw them.

Roberto: Yeah all the Rocky movies are really good. So what is your favorite TV show?

Zane: My favorite TV show is Family Guy. Gotta have some comedy relief in life!

Roberto: That cartoon is funny. Alright now back to some serious questions. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Zane: I see myself married, raising my son, and having a nice house with a stable career in fighting.

Roberto: Good goals to have for sure. What do you think you would be doing instead of fighting?

Zane: Probably selling car’s, or just working at AT&T like I do now. Probably going crazy from not fighting as well.

Roberto: Zane I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. FightBookMMA, myself and your friends and family is looking forward to seeing you fight in Israel for Bellator 164. All of us will be sending you good vibes and we want you to have a safe fight.

Roberto: Where can people find you on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Zane: My name on Facebook is “Zane Jeffrey Clerk” my name on Instagram is “zane_clerk”

Roberto: Is there anyone you want to thank, give a shout out to, any sponsors you want to thank the floor is yours.

Zane: I want to thank my fiance Randi for being so supportive of everything I do in my life, and loving me through it all. I want to thank my dad for always being right by my side through everything and never giving up on me. Id also like to thank my sponsor’s, FightBookMMA, Head Nod Squad, Complete Family Eyecare, YTap apparel, Combined Martial Arts, and Golden Eagle Distributing. Thank you so much for the opportunity. There will be fireworks!!!

You can catch Zane and the rest of the prelim fights live on, and the Bellator Mobile App. The main card will air on SPIKE in America on Friday Nov. 11 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. So mark your calendars so you don’t miss any of the action.

By: Roberto Villa



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