FightBookMMA caught up with KOTC Fighter Cynthia “Sin” Arceo

RIO RANCHO, NM (Thu, February 23, 2017)– King of the Cage returns to Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California on Saturday, March 18, 2017. KOTC: Supernova is stacked as this event will have Two World Title fights and featured fights.

In the main event, current Lightweight KOTC Champion Juan “The Spaniard” Archuleta (13-1) from Hesperia, California fighting out of Joe Stevenson’s Cobra Kai will defend his belt against Brandon “The White Tiger” Hastings (5-2) from Victorville, California fighting out of White Tiger Martial Arts.

In the co-main event, current Jr. Welterweight KOTC Champion “Prince” Ryan Fillingame (5-1) from Victorville, California fighting out of Team Diamond MMA will defend his belt against Buddy Clinton (10-5) from Hurst, Texas fighting out of Team Royce Gracie.

In the Strawweight division, Cynthia “Sin” Arceo from El Paso, Texas fighting out of United Shotokon Association will make her Pro debut fighting Peggy “The Truth” Ross, Oceanside from California fighting out of Military Alliance.

Below you can check out Cynthia “Sin” Arceo interview with FightBookMMA owner Roberto Villa.

Roberto: Hello Cynthia thanks for taking the time to talk to me. For the people who don’t know you, where are you from?

Cynthia: Hello Roberto, thank you. I am from California but I was raised and fight out of El Paso, TX.

Roberto: Nice not far me, I live in Albuquerque. So how long have you been training?

Cynthia: I’ve been training martial arts for over 20 years.

Roberto: So in those 20 years when did your nickname “SIN” come about?

Cynthia: I was fighting at the Karate World Titles and some of my teammates started cheering for me as “Cyn”, short for Cynthia and one of the reporters there thought that it was as “SIN” and since it was my first time fighting for the world title as an adult after holding the Jr. title for 3 years he could see the analogy. He made an article stating that everyone at a point in their lives will “SIN” as in a small white lie or something bigger therefore making it inevitable and that after my success in the Jr. division he thought that it was just a matter of time (inevitable) that I would also acquire the adult world title. After that it just stuck until now.

Roberto: That’s awesome how you got your nickname. Cynthia can you tell me what drove you to become a Mixed Martial Artist?

Cynthia: When I was younger, I saw the fight of Cyborg vs Gina Carano on TV and being involved in martial arts all my life it just called to me.

Roberto: You can’t go wrong with Cyborg and Gina. So when you decided to become a fighter, did your family and friends support you right away?

Cynthia: As I was growing up in the martial arts world I’ve competed since I can remember and therefore it was just a part of my life and daily routine so it was not a surprise every time I decided to move to the next level of fighting.

Roberto: That’s really good that you kept going. What’s your current record in MMA as an Amateur?

Cynthia: I am currently 7-2

Roberto: That’s a solid record. When stepping into the cage, what do you prefer to do, stand up or ground?

Cynthia: I don’t have a preference I love both. I think I mostly go with the flow of the fight.

Roberto: Right on. In what weight division do you fight in?

Cynthia: 115, Strawweight

Roberto: Cynthia, I like asking this question yo everyone I interview, if you could fight anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

Cynthia: I don’t really like to dwell on the past so the definite answer would be Joanna Jedrzejczyk or whoever holds the title.

Roberto: Oh wow Joanna Jedrzejczyk! I’ve seen you fight and that would be a fight we would like to see. Who has been your toughest fight?

Cynthia: I would say Lorna Johnson out of Jackson’s MMA. Not only her skill set, stamina and heart were great but she also had Greg Jackson himself in her corner for that fight.

Roberto: Yes she is a tough fighter. Cynthia you had a fight debuting as a Pro for King of the Cage on the MOST WANTED card, can you tell us why the fight got cancelled?

Cynthia: Well I’m not sure what happened. All the fighters had already gotten the medicals cleared but apparently, my opponent was not feeling well and could not fight. At this point I can’t say what happened as only she knows the situation.

Roberto: Well as we all know things happen and stuff like this happens. Now you have a fight on the KOTC: SUPERNOVA card debuting as a Pro, hows training camp going?

Cynthia: Yes, this will be my Pro Debut. It’s going great, healthy and strong, I couldn’t ask for better conditions.

Roberto: That’s always good to hear from fighters. Now I know the fight is not until March 18th, what are you doing to prepare yourself for the trip and staying mentally focused?

Cynthia: In reality nothing different from any of my other fights. I’m constantly improving my strengths but more importantly strengthening the areas that need more work.

Roberto: Good answer Cynthia. Your opponent is Peggy Ross, in your mind how do you think this fight will end?

Cynthia: This fight will end with my arm raised. I am really happy that she seems very focused and dedicated to the sport since “great fighters” are not only made from winning fights but from winning “GREAT FIGHTS”. Nobody wants to see a match where the balance is completely tilted to one side. There is no true glory without a challenge.

Roberto: Excellent. If you win this fight, what goals are set in place for KOTC in the future?

Cynthia: I have worked really close to them since the beginning of my MMA career and I’m really looking forward to consolidate that relationship by becoming the Pro Strawweight World Title Holder as I did in my amateur career.

Roberto: And I know that you will reach that goal Cynthia. Out of all the people in your life, who has been your #1 supporter since day one?

Cynthia: Since day one it has been my Sensei and now head coach, Hugo Vazquez. He has trained and taken me to the 24 World titles that I currently hold in Karate and being with me in this MMA journey.

Roberto: It’s always nice to hear that fighters like yourself have that support. Can you describe your fighting style and why?

Cynthia: Destructive, I was raised in a very competitive martial arts environment where failure was not an option. We have always believed that after all our hard work and dedication we have “THE RIGHT TO BE THE BEST…” as “ALL IT TAKES IS ALL WE’VE GOT.” We will always leave everything in the ring or the cage now, always walking out of there knowing we did everything we could and more, never leaving room for the “what if”

Roberto: Glad I don’t have to face you in the cage anytime soon. Cynthia you were nominated on the 2nd Annual FightBookMMA Awards and placed 3rd for Hottest Female MMA Fighter and 6th for Up-And-Comer Fighter. What was your reaction when you saw the results?

Cynthia: I loved it. Not only for the honor of being nominated but I placed third between Paige Vanzant and Miesha Tate which are obviously very well-known. So I really believe that I am blessed to have such supportive fans that allow me to compete with these beautiful women in MMA and as far as placing 6th as an Up-And-Comer Fighter it was truly an honor since it was such a long list of nominees. Not that I don’t feel flattered that people think that I am pretty but I don’t want to be known for that but for my skills and success in the cage.

Roberto: Well Cynthia well deserved on how you placed. So the following questions are just some, well, like Blake would say on his podcast The Loaded Joe’s MMA Podcast, some random ass questions. Ready? What do you like to do in your free time?

Cynthia: EAT!! Hahaha. But aside from that I love riding my motorcycle, I take it to the track as much as possible. I love skiing, shooting and pretty much any extreme sport.

Roberto: Haaaa, and that’s awesome that you love to do those things. Who is your favorite fighter, and it doesn’t have to be in MMA it could be in any other Combat Sport?

Cynthia: Muhammad Ali for his dedication, mentality and the confidence he always displayed based on his hard work and discipline. I believe that fighters not only have to be tough but smart and he was incredibly smart. His strategies were compared to none.

Roberto: Oh yes the famous Ali. What has been your biggest accomplishment in life?

Cynthia: I would have to say all my life I’ve been blessed with the determination to accomplish everything that I have put my mind to. From the academics, achieving my Bachelor’s Degree, to so far my fighting career.

Roberto: What is your favorite food?

Cynthia: Desert!!! I don’t know if it’s even considered a food group but if it’s not it should be… Lol

Roberto: Bwahahaha don’t we all!!! Other than fighting, what hidden talent or talents do you have?

Cynthia: Well I am 2nd grade teacher and I was just nominated for Teacher of the Year and I have been a Karate Sensei for the past 10 years. I think I have a really good way to connect with kids and be able to bring out the best in them.

Roberto: Wow Cynthia not only you fight, a Sensei and do extreme sports but you’re a teacher! And congratulations on your nomination. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Cynthia: I definitely want to keep teaching and aiding the development of many kids and as far as the fighting, holding the UFC Title.

Roberto: Now that is an excellent goal right there. Cynthia I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. FightBookMMA, myself, your friends and family are looking forward in seeing you fight at KOTC: SUPERNOVA. Where can people find you on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Cynthia: Roberto, thank you for taking the time and interest in my career as well as who I am without gloves and inside the cage. You can find me on Facebook as Cynthia “SIN” Arceo and on Instagram as sin_arceo

Roberto: I’m sure you will have new fans following now to follow your journey. Is there anyone you want to thank, give a shout out to, any sponsors you want to thank?

Cynthia: I would first like to thank my coaches and my Team for all of their hard work and dedication. To my fans for all of their love and continued support. My sponsors, Sabor Fit Foods who has been there since the beginning, Termo Repair, The Lunch Box, Gun Central, Freeway Powersports, Revolution, Fighter Alias, Alex’s Trailer Shop, Inc. and Sun City Hose & Supply without them this wouldn’t be possible. Specially a big shout out to you and FightBookMMA, it’s because of you guys and all the media that people get to know who we are because of your hard work following our careers. Thank You!


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