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FightBookMMA caught up with KOTC Heavyweight Champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez

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Rio Rancho, NM (December 16, 2016)– King of the Cage will host another event as they bring “Heavy Trauma” at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon. The event will take place on Saturday, February 4, 2017 and will be headlined by two World Title fights featuring current KOTC Heavyweight Champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez who will be going against Fabiano “Pega-Leve” Scherne. Also on the card is current KOTC Welterweight Champion Ben Egli who will meet Ryan Walker in the middle of the cage.

In the main-event, we will see a Heavyweight World Title fight as Current KOTC Champion Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez hailing from Yucaipa, California (Team Kryptonite) will take on Fabiano “Pega-Leve” Scherner fighting out of Portland, Oregon (Gracie Barra). Tony defended his belt not to long ago on December 9, 2016 against Adenilson Clementino and won via Submission in Round 4 at the 4:33 mark. Scherner is a top ranked fighter and is coming off an impressive first round knockout win against D.J. Linderman.

Below you can read Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez interview with FightBookMMA CEO Roberto Villa.

Roberto: Hello Tony thank you for taking the time to talk to me. For the people who don’t know you, where are you from?

Tony: I’m from Planet Krypton aka Yucaipa CA

Roberto: You defended your belt against Andenilson “AC” Clementino at Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, Minnesota on Friday, December 9th.

Can you tell us what happened at the weigh-ins and if that played a factor on your fight the following night?

Tony: Clementino elbowed me as he walked past me after weighing in. I guess clementino was still holding a grudge from 3yrs back. Yes it played a big factor in my fight!! He got me mad & made it personal again.

Roberto: Can you tell us why this happened?

Tony: When we first fought Clementino was being very disrespectful to my corners & wife. So when I was submitting Clementino I held the choke a little longer after he tapped & punched him as I was being pushed off by the ref.

Roberto: Once the fight was over, there’s a picture with both of you together and it looks that all has been squashed. True Professional Mixed Martial Artist!

You have a fight coming up to defend your belt against Fabiano Scherner at Chinook Winds Casino Resort on February 4th for “HEAVY TRAUMA,” what have you learned about him and what holes do you see where you can capitalize?

Tony: Not much, he’s old & he’s not me lmao,

Roberto: Hahaha!! How long have you been training?

Tony: Over 30yrs, I’ve been studying martial arts since I was 12yrs old. At the age of 21 I started combining all my martial arts into one with karate being my base.

Roberto: How did you acquire your nickname?

Tony: I was told by Rampage Jackson, every fighter needs a nickname what’s yours going to be? When I told my wife my idea for a nickname she laughed, said no one will get it plus it shows your age. She quickly said everyone always clams to be Superman why not be there KRYPTONITE? I agreed.

Roberto: Rampage is a character and I kind of figured that’s how you got that nickname. When you decided to become a fighter, did your family and friends support you right away?

Tony: My family has aways supported me 100%

Roberto: That’s really good to have your family support you in whatever it is that you’re doing as a career. What team do you train at out of?

Tony: I train out of Planet Krypton.

Roberto: When stepping into the cage, what do you prefer to do, stand up or ground?

Tony: I prefer standing but there’s only been a few fights that have been willing to do this.

Roberto: Knowing how this sport is always evolving, what makes you different from other fighters?

Tony: simple, I don’t fight like a fighter I fight like a drunken pray mantes.

Roberto: That’s a first for me. Drunken Pray Mantes awesome. So if you could fight anyone past or present, who would it be and why?

Tony: Would of loved to fight any of the old school fighters…from back in the day.

Roberto: Yeah I think any fighter today would love to have that chance. Who has been your toughest fight as of yet?

Tony: Myself, I’m always asking myself why am I doing this & do I still want it. Usually I’m asking myself this hours before I fight.

Roberto: Every fighter I have interviewed tells the same thing, themselves, and that’s good because you always want to improve. So when fight night comes and you’re walking to the cage, what keeps you calm and ready?

Tony: It’s time to go, nothing left but do what I came to do. Time for second thoughts are left behind the curtains.

Roberto: That’s good to have that attitude and mind-set on fight night. Out of all the people in your life, who has been your #1 supporter since day one?

Tony: My wife I wouldn’t be here without her!! She found me my first Gym that got me into the cage & my second when the first one kick me out a week before my first fight.

Roberto: Your wife sounds amazing, keep it up Mrs. Kryptonite. Now, how would you describe your fighting style and why?

Tony: Different, unique, unpridictable. Also know as Drunken Pray Mantes style

Roberto: Excellent!!! Alright Tony now that we know a little about the fighting side of you, let’s talk a little about you. What is something people might not know about you?

Tony: That I’m 43 and going strong.

Roberto: That’s really good that you’re still active at your age. What do you like to do in your free time?

Tony: Well between kids (6) 4 girls 2 boys…and remodeling the house……and our mastiffs, that sums up all my free time at the moment.

Roberto: That’s a huge family and to have Mastiffs, yeah I can see why your free time is no where to he found. Who is your favorite fighter, and it doesn’t have to be in MMA it could be in any other Combat Sport?

Tony: I don’t have a favorite, I have a few for different reasons. Tyson – his dominance and fire. Ali – liked his talking crap and being able to back it up. Chaves – was a fighter, he just always fought, these are just a few.

Roberto: Good answer, I love that you say Chavez he’s one of my favorites. What has been your biggest accomplishment outside the cage?

Tony: My family! MY CHILDREN!!

Roberto: Yes good answer Tony, your passion for Fighting can’t compare the passion for your family. So the following questions are just some, well, like my boy Blake would say on his podcast, The Loaded Joe’s MMA Podcast, some random ass questions.

Roberto: What is your favorite food?

Tony: Haha Mexican…..any Mexican food.

Roberto: Same here brother. Other than fighting, what hidden talent or talents do you have?

Tony: I think I can sing and dance and act….well my wife says it should stay hidden…at least singing and dancing lol.

Roberto: Lmfao!! Well maybe one day we will see you on the big screen, the acting part only. What is your favorite movie?

Tony: Kung Fu Panda.

Roberto: That’s a good movie. Alright a couple more serious questions. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Tony: Being the oldest active MMA fighter….and schooling these youngsters.

Roberto: Awesome. What would you be doing if you fighting wasn’t in your life?

Tony: Working construction. …😩

Roberto: Been there done that and I don’t plan in going back. Tony I want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

FightBookMMA, myself and your friends and family will be looking forward to seeing you fight to defend your belt at King of the Cage: HEAVY TRAUMA.

Is there anyone you want to thank, give a shout out to, any sponsors you want to thank.

Tony: Mako Mike at all or nothing, Zig ray at avenger cycles, Unbreakable mouth piece, Oc fight doc.

King of the Cage: “HEAVY TRAUMA” will take place at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon on Saturday, February 4, 2017.

This event will be broadcast in over 50 million U.S. households on MAVTV (214 DIRECTV and Verizon FiOS (810). Check your local cable provider for cable station in your area.

By: Roberto Villa




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