FightBookMMA partners with Alpha Outpost

FightBookMMA is proud to announce that we will be partnering up with Alpha Outpost. They are the #1 monthly subscription outdoor gear source hands down.

Want some kind of survival equipment? I’m sure not all of us can put a gear together out of our garage but we do want to at least consider ourselves ready for the unexpected and to be honest, most of us don’t know where to start. That’s where Alpha Outpost comes in to play, they pride themselves on providing both survival and Every Day Carry (EDC) gear.

Alpha Outpost states:

Here at Alpha Outpost, our mission is simple. Provide Americans with the gear and training they need to get outside. Next to the people, the greatest thing in America is the landscape of our country. We want everyone to experience and enjoy everything our country has to offer. Whether it is spending more time in the backyard, taking day trips to a local park, or a weekend backcountry trip, we have you covered.

CEO Roberto Villa states:

They have the best products hands down. Although it’s not Combat Sports Related, we all still need some sort of survival kit or EDC when we do things outdoors. Alpha Outpost provides both survival gear and gear for the everyday person. So why not subscribe with Alpha Outpost? I can’t wait to receive my monthly packages and show everyone the quality of the gear I receive.

Alpha Outpost themed box has dedicated items for a singular purpose. The box gets a themed name and the gear is centered on that theme. There’s anywhere to 6+ items in each box but, you wont know the gear that’s being delivered making each package a surprise.

For more information on Alpha Outpost you can head out to their website and subscribe to their monthly packages by going here.