FightBookMMA sat down with Alan Philpott ahead of his fight at BAMMA30

IRELAND (Tue, June 27, 2017)– Current Lonsdale Bantamweight Champion Alan Philpott (16-4) will fight for the vacant BAMMA Bantamweight Championship at BAMMA 30 on July 7th in the 3Arena, Dublin. Alan’s opponent for this fight will be the former BAMMA Bantamweight Champion Shay Walsh.

Only 2 weeks out from his fight Alan took some time out to talk with FightBookMMA’s correspondent Emmett Glenn.

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Em: From a neutral stance the is a great fight & match up! Shay is coming off a 2 fight win streak. He’s quoted as saying “At this moment my momentum & confidence is sky-high also that he operates o a different level all other bantamweights”. What is your thought on this?

Ap: The more I see him fight the slower he seems to get. He’s been in this game at the professional level a long time before me, I feel the hard grinding fights is starting to take effect on his body. The last fight with Blackwell was horrendous, if he try’s that forward pressure with me he’s gonna get pinged around the cage.

Em: You have said in the run up to this fight with Shay at Bamma30, “that he stands in the way of what you want”. Is it simply the belt that you want or have your bigger goals you want before the end of 2017?

Ap: I want to be the no.1. Anyone above me is in my way and my plan is take them out one by one until I get that no.1 spot.

Em: Having taken some time out since your last fight with Tom Duquesnoy. Has there been any major changes with the camp and how you approached this fight?

Ap: I’ve changed everything. Every fight is a learning curve and my fight with tom was when the penny dropped, I’ve always trained well but not always smart. Everything I’m doing is specifically to beat shay. I’m working with a new boxing coach Brian Lightbody. We’ve went right back to the basics and have made major improvements. My S&C coach Connor Heeney has designed a programme which we started 14 weeks out to help improve my power. I feel more confident and focused than I’ve ever felt, I have no doubts going into this fight, I truly believe he won’t have anything for me.

Em: Do you still split your camp between Aspire Combat sports Academy Liverpool & Next Generation Northern Ireland?

Ap: I’m fully based in Liverpool, I go home a lot for a few days here and there and always make sure get training in with Rodney and the gym. Can’t forget where I come from.

Em: How do you see this fight with Shay going down at Bamma30. Are we looking at a stand up battle or is going to ground?

Ap: Shay has one style and one pace. He’s gonna come marching forward trying to get messy and grind me out. I’m the best striker in the division, I’m faster and hitting harder than before. I’m hitting right now. None of these penny whistlers. I’m gonna counter him all day, when I want, il take him down with in outside leg trip and finish him if I haven’t already on the feet.

Em: Apart from your fight is there any other fights or fighters you are looking forward to watching?

Ap: It’s a great card I’m actually looking forward to the whole show. Of course I’m excited to watch my boy Rhys McKee get back to his winning in great fashion ways. Smullen is interesting to watch, he has a great leg lock game and has shown a lot of improvements in his stand up . Rhys was the last person to beat him when they met as amateurs far as I know, so that fight has my interest

Em: Before we go are there anyone you wish to thank?

Ap: I’d like to than everyone for the support, it’s been a great build up to the fight. I’d like to thank my sponsors for keeping me going through camp, making sure I have what I need.


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Also massively supporting the self funded charity for suicide and drug prevention Turning Point NI. I chose to get T-shirts made to sell and help raise some money for three little warriors with cerebral palsy and other difficulties who need medical equipment and treatment. I get a lot of support and help so I like to give back when I can.

Em: One final statement for Shay and the fans?

Ap: July 7th yous will witness the start of something special.

FightBookMMA would like to thank Alan for his time and wish his best of luck in his title fight, at BAMMA30 t from the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland on Friday, July 7, 2017.