FightBookMMA to Live Stream Phoenix Fighting Championship 2 on the FITE TV Network

Kasrouane (Sat, April 29, 2017)– Phoenix Fighting Championship will take place on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Nouhad Nawfal Stadium, zouk mikael, Kasrouane. The event will stream Live on FightBookMMA on the FITE TV Network stating at 10:30AM ET/7:30AM PT.

FITE TV is a Combat Sports Network that features boxing, MMA and wrestling programming. FITE gives viewers the choice to watch the program on line at, on their mobile device or on their WiFi connected television using the FITE app. The FITE app can be downloaded for free at Google Play or the iTunes app stores.

Phoenix Fighting Championship organizes the biggest Muay Thai event in the history “Phoenix 2” at Nouhad Nawfal Stadium, Zouk Mikael, Lebanon on Saturday, April 29th. At this event we will see 20 fighters, including 15 World champions will be fighting in Phoenix 2 for 3 Phoenix Fighting Championship belts and 4 World Muaythai Council (WMC) belts.

Phoenix Fighting Championship 2 full fight card:

  • Saenchai (THA) vs Azize Hlali (FRA)
  • Mohamad Ghorabi (LEB) vs David Willmott (ENG)
  • Armen Grigoryan (ARM) vs Xie Wei (CHN)
  • Kassem Daher (LEB) vs Mohammad Salama (JOR)
  • Wendell Roche (NLD) vs Steven Banks (USA)
  • Antonina Shevchenko (PER) vs Isa Tidblad Keskikangas (SWE)
  • Pakorn Musipon (THA) vs Morgan Adrar (FRA)Jihad Mekdad (LEB) vs Moise Rimbon (FRA)
  • Ahmed Labban (LEB) vs Ahmed Ibrahim (EGY)
  • Ziad Sinno (LEB) vs Mohanad Hussein (JOR)

Phoenix Fighting Championship 2 Live Stream



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