FightBookMMA’s Recap and Official Results of Cage Warriors 86

Photo Credit: Cage Warriors/ Dolly Clew

LONDON (Sun, September 17, 2017)– Cage Warriors 86 delivered a stunning night of fights at Indigo at The O2 in London.

FightBookMMA’s correspondent Emmett Glenn was on scene covering the event. For the photographs of the event go here.

On a night on finishes and the home town boy sticking to his promise of defending his title on home soil. Cage warriors 86 lived up to all the hype.

Nathaniel Wood vs Josh Reed
(bantamweight title)

In what some are saying is one of the best rounds under the Cage Warriors banner, went toe to toe in a battle to remember. Reed came out fast and had Wood in real trouble fast. Champion Wood under serious pressure as Reed land heavy blow after blow, somehow managed to keep his composure. After absorbing all that Reed gave him Wood managed to catch Reed on the chin. From here Wood moved off the cage and began to land a barrage of punches on his opponent. With Reed not defending himself Marc Goddard had no choice but to step in.

Winner and still bantamweight champ via TKO Nathaniel Wood.

Jamie Richardson vs Hakon Foss
(welterweight bout)

Jamie Richardson in the co-main event produced a come back for the ages taking out Hakon Foss. Foss came out fast looking to get his hands on Richardson and when this happened Foss does what he wants. Foss manages to land a suplex followed up by some good ground & pound, in a completely dominant first round display. Richardson came out in the second round and immediately moved forward walking down Foss and landing heavy blows to the Norwegian. Foss who looked to have blown his arm out in first round has nothing left to give. Richardson piles on the pressure knowing the fish is in sight and eventually, it ends with a referee stoppage in the second round.

Winner via TKO Jamie Richardson

Sam Creasey vs Paul Marin
(lightweight bout)

This fight might have been short but it was most definitely sweet. Paul Marin came out of the blocks quickly hitting Creasey with some lovely boxing, one shot knocks Creasey’s gum shield outa his mouth. Marin followed that up by a big take down. It was at this point that Creasey woke up!! Creasey lands a short uppercut followed by two knees that hurt Marin, who falls against the cage where he’s met by a barrage of punches which knocks Marin out cold. Great win for Sam.

Winner via KO Sam Creasey

Sean Carter vs Joe McColgan
(lightweight bout)

In a fight of the night performance from both men this was a three-round battle. Lightweights Joe McColgan and Sean Carter delivered something special for the fans at the Indigo. Carter knew he had to push the pace on McColgan from the start and that is exactly what he did. Unfortunately McColgan was ready for this and was able to pick off Carter as he came forward, dropping him in the first and breaking his nose. The second started much the same but this time Carter was getting the better of the clinch, while McColgan was looking to connect on the break. The third round was much the same as first with McColgan now in control again picking off Carter as he moves in for the clinch. Great display from both men.

Winner via split decision Joe McColgan

Junior Karanta vs Adel Ghaddou
(heavyweight bout)

This fight lasted all of one punch and was finished inside 8 seconds. Junior Karanta comes forward and lands a big right hook that puts Ghaddou to the canvas, where he didn’t get back up from.

Winner via KO after 8 seconds Junior Karanta


Darren O’Gorman vs Brian Bouland
(bantamweight bout): Winner via TKO Bouland

Arvydas Juska vs Alex Thorne
(middleweight bout): Winner via submission Arvydas Juska

Eric Nolan vs Mehdi Saadi
(150lb catchweight bout): Winner via armbar Mehdi Saadi


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