Fighter Spotlight: Aspen Ladd

Kansas City, MO ( Jan. 12th 2017)- In this day in age of different lists such as top 10, top 50, etc. My suggestion is “Most Under the Radar” in 2016 most of the major outlets left out one of the best bantamweights on the planet in Aspen Ladd. In 2016 the MMAGOLD product Ladd went 2-0 with dominant performances over Kelly McGill and Jessica Hoy with both bouts ending in TKO finishes by the budding superstar. Ladd looks to kick off her 2017 campaign with another fantastic finish over Sijara Eubanks. Earlier this evening i was fortunate enough to catch up with Coach Doug Casebeir ahead of Ladd’s contest this Saturday at Invicta 21.

When I asked Coach Doug:

“What evolution can fans expect out of your young hungry fighter?”

The answer was simple:

“Aspen Ladd is a leaner fighter meaning less body fat now then her fans have ever seen and with that we were able to raise her muscle and we will see that at weigh ins. Her cardio was off the chart before but she can sprint 5-5 min rounds even with more muscle. As far as MMA goes we have to remember she works with coach Mike Guy many times a week on boxing.. Wresting coach Alex Grunder.. JIUJITSU coach Ryan and Jim West and striking she’s with coach Brito. It’s really hard to pinpoint 1 thing to expect from Aspen but I can tell you she has greatly improved in all aspects of the game. THIS ASPEN LADD CAN BEAT UP THE LAST ASPEN LADD WITH NO DOUBT. To sum it up I guess you can say you can expect the same kind of fighter just more ferocious, stronger, faster and will be finishing this fight.”

Another question that I posed to Coach Doug was simply this: “Coach Aspen’s teammate Brieta Carpenter was forced of the card due to a concussion has that had any effect on Aspen at all”?

“Oh man, the more you get to know Aspen the more you’ll understand that Aspen is a 100% MMA fighter and she focuses on “her” skills and “her” goals. I haven’t heard her mention it at all because her goal is on this fight and nobody else.

I  continued to ask Coach Doug:  

“Fans can expect a hyper aggressive fighter that will continue to move forward. I would be remiss if I didn’t ask what you and the entire MMA gold’s coach staff what the prediction is come Saturday night at Invicta 21?”

In response the answer was simple:

“Aspen Ladd’s work ethic is off the chart and her skills display that 100% and I expect a finish. A really nasty one”.

Coming into this camp I asked Coach Doug:

“How has her weight cut been for this camp?

The answer was very simple:

“So far so good. I believe Aspen has dominated weight cutting as well.”

Fans can watch Invicta21 at The entire card is as followed. And if you want to follow Aspen Ladd on social media just lookup #dontbeapussy on of the best hashtags in all of MMA.

Interim Featherweight Title: Megan Anderson (7-2) vs. Charmaine Tweet (9-5)

Bantamweight: Pannie Kianzad (8-1) vs. Raquel Pa’aluhi (5-5)

Catchweight (120 pounds): Jodie Esquibel (5-2) vs. Kali Robbins (4-0)

Featherweight: Elizabeth Phillips (5-4) vs. Leah Letson (3-1)

Bantamweight: Sijara Eubanks (2-1) vs. Aspen Ladd (4-0)

Flyweight: Andrea Lee (4-2) vs. Jenny Liou (6-4)

Strawweight: Amy Montenegro (7-2) vs. Celine Haga (10-13)

Flyweight: Rachael Ostovich (3-2) vs. Christina Ferea (0-0)

Tickets for Invicta FC 21 can be purchased via

By: Dustin Hill
Photo: Courtesy: Coach Doug

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