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Floyd Mayweather: Marcos Maidana must wear the same gloves as me, not the ones without any padding

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FLOYD MAYWEATHER and Marcos Maidana continue to argue about their weaponry. It all began the day before they went to war on May 3, with the Argentine declaring an understandable intention to wear his customary Everlast MX gloves. Mayweather balked after the weigh-in, and insisted Maidana wear standard Everlast gloves. Eventually, and probably wishing to protect the highest purse of his career, Maidana relented.

With their rematch set for the September 13, the row continues.

“Yes, the issue with the gloves still has to be talked about with my team,” Maidana told reporters on Thursday. “The gloves that I used in the first fight were not very comfortable and they felt like pillows. The issue with the gloves is I want to use the gloves I’ve used, but I’ll fight him anyway. I want to knock him out.”



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