Fund A Fighter: Ethan “Lionheart” Blevins

Friday April 3rd, 2015– Ethan “Lionheart” Blevins was born on 02/27/2005 so that makes him 9 years old, he walks around at 60lbs and is 4′ 2″ tall with a record of 2-0 and hasn’t been defeated in his division in over 3 years. He fights out of Hernando Beach, Florida, USA. The Gym and associations hes affiliated with include: Fear The Fighter, Rival Fight League, NAGA, COPA, BFA, USA Wrestling.

Now why are we talking about a 9-year-old MMA Fighter you ask? Well, Ethan would love to travel to Montreal, Quebec Canada to spend some time at Tri Star Gym and be able to improve his skills by training with some of his favorite fighters, for example John “The Bull” Makdessi and George St. Pierre.

Ethan for the last 2 years has accumulated a lot of swords and medals and he has given away some of them to the kids that couldn’t win one for trying their best. Some will be used for the fundraiser and the rest he will be given to his brothers special needs class and to the wounded warriors.

His parents would like to know that if anyone has any contact information with the wounded warriors they would love to hear from you. You can contact Mr. Blevins here. Head out to Tristar’s so you can help Donate/Sponsor Ethan. He will be giving away some of his trophy swords including his medals that will be signed as a Thank You for sponsoring him.

Check out the video below of Ethan “The Lionheart” Blevins highlights.

Fund a Fighter Ethan “Lionheart” Blevins:

(Video Courtesy of Gator MMA)
(Photo Courtesy of Mr. Blevins)


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