Garret Nybakken Talks Unified 31 in Edmonton

CANADA (Friday, May19)– Before former Unified MMA Lightweight Champion Garret Nybakken begins his quest back to a title shot begins against Craig Shintani at Unified 31 in Edmonton, Alta., Canada, LIVE on, the “City of Champions” 155-pound contender sat down with FightBookMMA.

How has your training camp for this fight been?

It’s been awesome. It’s been gruelling, which is just the way I like it.

Is it any different preparing for a non-title fight than if you were defending your championship?

There are three rounds now instead of five, but not really. At this point in my career, everything is a championship fight in my mind.

What does Craig Shintani bring to the table?

He’s fairly well-rounded, but I think he’s a bit more of a wrestler, which is why I wanted this fight in the first place, after I lost my title to a wrestler.

How’s it going to feel to really get your career back on track and embark on another winning streak?

It’s going to be great; I can’t wait. I cannot wait. I can’t wait to getting this fight under my belt, then going out and getting my actual belt back.

If/when you do get your Unified MMA Lightweight Championship back, do you think it will mean more to you to have lost it and got it back than it did just to win it in the first place?

Tgat 9’s a good question, but I think so. Losing a fight is one thing, but losing a championship definitely presents its own challenges. I think it definitely will be better to get it back. I will get it back.

Photo courtesy Guhdar Photography in Edmonton

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