George St-Pierre, “I’m getting tested, if I’m getting tested it’s for a reason.”

Wednesday August 10, 2016 George “Rush” St-Pierre has been talking about coming back to the octagon lately after he vacated his UFC welterweight title in 2013. Since then, GSP has been battling through a torn ACL but during his time off it seems that he is targeting his return soon.

George St-Pierre sat down on a one-on-one interview with Ram Gilboa who is an Israeli writer, during the interview GSP talked about pretty much everything from his plans to begin the USADA testing process to Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor II, Michael Bisping and much more.

GSP was asked if he was coming back to the cage, he stated:

I want to. My agent is negotiating with the UFC, they had an offer, we made a counteroffer, you know that’s how business goes. And then we heard a day after that UFC sold for $4 billion dollars. So we waited for a few days, to see what was going on, because even some of the employees were afraid of losing their job – even some of thehigh-ranking people in the UFC were afraid. We wanted to let the management to take care of their own company first, and then see what happens.

Now we’re talking again and I’m starting the USADA process to be tested, I’m starting it Aug 10. in Las Vegas. Because to be eligible to fight you need to be tested.”

Ram stated “Unless you’re Brock Lesnar”

GSP responsed:

Yeah exactly, but he had a free pass, I think it was an exemption of a month or something like that. But me, I don’t want to be an exception, because I was very outspoken about Performance Enhancing Drugs. It would be bad for my reputation if I would have an exemption – I don’t want to have a free pass, I want to be like everybody else. That’s why I’ll be starting the process Aug 10. I don’t have any fight yet, but it’s gonna happen now, because I’m getting tested, if I’m getting tested it’s for a reason. – St-Pierre

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By: Roberto Villa

Photo Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports



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