Global Proving Ground Inc.

Aug 20, 2016 05:00 PM

Coliseum Fight Club
333 Preston Av

VOORHEES, New Jersey 08043
United States

Recap and Photographs 

Cover Photo Credit: GPG

VOORHEES, NEW JERSEY, (MONDAY JULY 18, 2016) Global Proving Grounds launched their Gladiator Series 1 on Saturday July 16, 2016 at the all new Coliseum Fight Club outside of Philadelphia in Voorhees, NJ to a huge crowd of bloodsport fans!  The tri-state’s most talented amateurs faced off in the arena with an impressive array strikers, grapplers and muay thai practitioners and showcased the tested hearts of these fine warriors in the gladiator tradition with a stacked fight card of rising MMA stars of today making their debut in the GPG Cage. 

Capping off a great night of fights Brian “The Slayer” Mayer, an accomplished amateur muay thai fighter,  took on grinder Timothy “The Tantrum” Tyler for the amateur lightweight title. These warriors fought for their place in the hearts of the fans in a prodigious show of rage in the cage.  Mayer showed that he is the full package and on his way to greatness in his MMA career.  It will be fun to see where this man’s star will shine! He soundly beat Tyler with a devastating knockout in the second round.   Coach Robert Navone , of Navone Next Level MMA, had to throw in the towel to protect Tyler due to a shocking late referee stoppage.  Most unfortunately, though, the referee erroneously stated that in the State of New Jersey, Navone could not stop the fight. Mercifully, Nick Lembo stepped in and took action to stop the carnage.  Tyler was taken to the hospital with concerns including being unable to feel his fingers and toes.

We wish him a speedy recovery and success in his grind to become a the best possible fighter he can be now that he has acquired the proper training camp to back him.  With grit and determination, the sky is the limit for Timothy Tyler.  With all these tests, true warriors know there is no success without failure!

Nicholas Uva turned up to showcase his hard work and dedication in combat with Dante DiGrazia.  Uva exhausted DiGrazia and secured conquest with a 30-27 unanimous decision from all three judges. 
Anthony “American Psycho” Bryson, another rising star out of Navone Next Level MMA , soundly beat Edward Curci with a stellar performance and second round TKO.  Bryson dictated every area in his fight against Curci with high degree of excellent technique, footwork, set ups, head movement and aggressive cage control in an exhibition of dominance in this dramatic fight!. 
David “Cobra” Juliano, who hails from K Dojo out of Fairfield, NJ, came out blazing and outshined  his competitor, Yoel Ellen, by sinking a rear naked choke in the very first round.  
Ross Motta defeated Nyles Fuller 29 to 30 in a unanimous decision victory. Fuller, of Navone Next Level MMA, faced a lot of adversity in his catch weight fight at 161-165 with his fight against Motta.  Fuller was 163 at the weigh ins, Motta was 157 but instead of making the opponent come up to make weight, Fuller sweat it out in 95• weather to lose the additional 2 lbs.  It shows what character Nyles Fuller has to be willing to go the extra mile in order to fight in his debut fight. 
Turpal “Young Borz” Khamzayev, of team K Dojo, made an appearance for a good exchange in his dogfight but came up little short in a close fight with Hector “Super Boriqua” Igleias out of team Renzo Gracie MMA Academy. Igleias won his debut fight with a clean sweep of all three rounds earning him a unanimous decision victory. 
Global Proving Ground fights air to 60 Million homes through GPG’s TV syndication deals with “UFA” United Fighter Alliance, Comcast Sportsnet, ROOT Sports and “GFL” Go Fight Live All Global Proving Ground fights. With the recent expanded TV Deal with Sportsnet NY part of the NBC Sports / Comcast family. Additionally, GPG has secured the services of Christian Defiris to help find the very best MMA talent from around the world and bring it to Global Proving Ground League partner events from NY to Virginia. GPG is not only creating new fighter talent but is developing its own loyal fan base as well as creating new MMA fans on a weekly basis, and I can see why!  These warriors battled it out to win the hearts of their fans in spectacular fashion and really put on a show! 

By and Photo Credit: Maggie McMaster



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