Global Proving Ground 26: Gladiator Series 2 LIVE on FightBookMMA – SAt. Oct. 22, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016 This SATURDAY’s MMA FIGHT is the biggest fight card in GPG 5 year history. They Told us 5 years ago we could’nt do it. The very Best rising. New talent in the area can only be found Sat Oct 22 at the Coliseum Fight Club at 333 Preston AV VOORHEES NJ 08043. The only dedicated venue exclusively to combat sports in the Tri State Area. Don’t Miss Subway Series kickoff with ECF Victor Azeredo vs American Wresting Rising Star Ross Motta and Hands up Studios Anthony Bryson vs Lirim Rufati as well as Kdojo coach David Juliano going for second win in a row inside the GPG cage against Seth Althouse a solid PA fighter with a huge fan base ECF president Christian Defiris says if you love the best of Cage Fighting from NY, PA and NJ the GPG / ECF Subway Series is bringing that to you with this Tri State Tournament . Event up coming in multiple states because we are licensed in 4 states

ECF Fighter Hector Iglesias vs. PA hard hitter Michael Duprey as well as Hani Darwish and EFC fighter Mark Romero returning to the GPG Cage vs. Dean Johnvin’s Debut for Hands Up Studio’s. Get your Tickets now for this Packed Card on SATURDAY OCTOBER 22nd at the Coliseum Fight Club located at 333 Preston Av VOORHEES New Jersey 08043. We will sell you the entire seat But You will Only Need the Edge! 1st rule of Fight Club. Everyone Talk About Fight Club.

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These Fighters are putting everything on the line when They step into that cage in only 2 weeks, and it will only get him even more fired up if any of you would show up live to support him! He’ll be fighting at @Global Proving Ground 26 ECF / GPG Subway Series on Saturday Oct 22nd at the Coliseum Fight Club in Voorhees , and he wants you to be there. If you can’t make it to the event then head out here and watch it live only on

Fight Card:

  • Fight 11 Ross Motta vs. Victor Azeredo
  • Fight 10 Lirim Rufati vs. Anthony Bryson
  • Fight 9 Paul Dimaculangan vs. James Lodge
  • Fight 8 Mark Romero vs. Dean Johnvin
  • Fight 7 Michael Dupye vs. Hector Iglesias
  • Fight 6 Ricardo Batista vs. Robert Astacio
  • Fight 5 Bryan Hummel vs. Carlton Williamson
  • Fight 4 Seth Althouse vs. David Juliano
  • Fight 3 Al Pringle vs. Nyles Fuller
  • Fight 2 Jong Jang vs. Anthony Vandyke
  • Fight 1 Mike Taylor vs. Ashton Nemdhari



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