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Global Proving Ground has signed TV Deals

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016Global Proving Ground has signed TV Deals with both Comcast Sportsnet and with FITE TV in the North East. Combine this TV deal with their UFA Contract and they now reach over 100 MILLION potential customers world-wide on Real TV, Digital Devices and on PPV.

GPG President and CEO James Jefferson states:

“This landmark TV deal was cultivated to allow our company to grow its brand in the North East on traditional TV as well as the Digital Platform of FITE.tv. One of the keys of these deals is that none of our regional competitors can air on these networks with our signed deal.”

GPG is the only regional Promotion to air on these networks in the NJ, PA and NY area.

Michael Weber, Senior Vice President of Marketing, FITE states:

“FITE is excited to add a MMA organization like Global Proving Grounds to our line up of MMA, Boxing and wrestling programming on our television platform. GPG looks to be on the rise and we look forward to growing with them. I can’t wait to see their next event November 19th on FITE” 

About Global Proving Ground (GPG)

Global Proving Ground is the premier fighters development company in the North East of the United States. The League was designed to unearth and build new fighters from the ground up and to provide an exciting entertainment experience for combat sports fans. GPG works with the fighters in their very own Training Facility and guides then from amateur to professional MMA and all the way to the UFC. Launched in 2012 by marketing executive James J. Jefferson along with several, original pioneers of MMA, the company operates its own combat sports venue, the GPG Sports Complex as well as still developing the Warrior Island Property. GPG content is distributed live and recorded on Real TV with the UFA and GFL syndication deal including channels like Comcast Sportsnet, Tuff TV, Root sports and more. Fights also air on PPV on Go Fight Live (GFL.tv). GPG is not only creating new fighter talent but is developing its own loyal fan base.

  • · League web site: http://globalprovingground.com/index.php/en/
  • · Facebook Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/GlobalProvingGround/
  • · YouTube Fan Page https://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalProvingGround
  • · Twitter Fan Page: https://twitter.com/GPG_MMA:
  • · Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gpgmma/




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