Global Proving Ground Presents: All Star Super Fights 1 — Recap, Official Results & Photographs

By: Maggie McMaster
Tuesday September 20 2016 Global Proving Ground and the Coliseum Fight Club presented the All Star Super Fights 1 on September 17, 2016 with GPG & ECF having partnered up to showcase some of the most elite up-and-coming grapplers and MMA submission specialists on the east coast in another tough submission-only tournament with all new rule sets and formats. This all-star pro grappling-in-the-cage series is just one of some of the big events promising the crowd compelling battles of will and skill. Each division finalist winner was presented with a prestigious Renzo Gracie Award medal to show for his dominance in the cage.
Starting off the night’s events we saw Jesse “James” Kosakowsi, one of the finest grapplers and MMA fighters on the east coast, go for an armbar on Brian Trotta. While doing so, Trotta clung his arms together, Kosakowski slid his leg through and went for the triangle, went to full mount with the triangle locked up pretty tight, grabbed his wrist and cranked it to secure a wrist lock submission victory in the 10 minute subonly match.
Zach Fox came together to compete on eight days’ notice in an action-packed match up between Timothy Tyler of Robert Navone Next Level MMA in a very tight scrap. Each of the talented grapplers secured several seemingly impossible sub attempts only to have them equally well defended in this back-and-forth match. First overtime started with back position and again in second overtime. The third and final overtime saw Zach Fox take the victory with the fastest escape by six seconds (71.2) vs. Tyler’s (77.58).
Patrick Sabatini’s game plan of taking any available limb and breaking it seemed flawless in his submission game. Sabatini secured a stunner heel hook submission at 2:50 against Jesse Kosakowski, who stepped in on short notice after Sabatini’s original opponent got injured, in what proved to be an engaging match up of two impressive tough competitors.
John Givens certainly put on a show for the crowd and was triumphant while employing fine technique and maintaining dominant composure as he looked to finish Scott Brady. With nothing to lose at two-minute warning, Brady’s corner urged him to open up and explode in overtime and seize the opportunity to match submission, but he ultimately succumbed to a rear naked choke by Givens in first round overtime.
Next up was a thrilling toughness vs. technical superfight between Daniel Maira and Dillon (D-Boy) Masington. These two fighters are super talented and showed amazing flying armbars, gogo platas, heel hooks, transitions, submission attempts and escapes throughout the entire match. Although D-Boy attempted slam after slam to undermine the armbar submissions by the skilled Maira they proved to be futile. Unfettered, D-Boy went for twists; but Dan stayed heavy and relaxed under pressure and vanquished any hopes of victory for D-Boy by submitting him via rear naked choke at the eight minute mark.
Looking like a savage in another stellar performance was Patrick Sabatini who triumphed against Brian Trotta via rear naked choke in the crucifix position!
In a ten minute grappling super fight with EBI rules between two burly brown belts, Mario Spartan and Jesse Stokes, were up next demonstrating commanding takedowns and clinch battles so powerful I thought the cage would give way. Jesse Stokes started out nearly getting the wind knocked out of him but stayed smart and composed under heavy top pressure from the tough Spartan and exploded to secure a gnarly inverted heel hook at 2:20 into the 10 minute subonly match.
To cap off the evening of spectacular shows of sportsmanship, humility and pride, the crowd was rewarded with the Main Event of the evening between brown belt, Eric Ellerbee, who took the fight on five days’ notice, and Josh Key, a brown belt under Dante Rivera, where Josh Key took position and secured an impressive heel hook in a convincing manner.
Jesse Stokes victorious against Mario Spartan via inverted heel hook. (Photo Credit: Timmy Tyler)
Zach Fox and Timmy Tyler after their match that went into Third Over Time. (Photo Credit: Jesse Stokes)
Jesse “James” Kosakowski with Sifu Guro Ron Kosakoski (Photo Credit: Ally Kosakowski)
Patrick Sabatini defeats Jesse James Kosakowski via RNC (Photo Credit: GPG)
Patrick Sabatini securing heel hook submission over Brian Trotta (Photo Credit: GPG)
Patrick Sabatini defeats Jesse James Kosakowski via RNC (Photo Credit: GPG)
Patrick Sabatini defeats Jesse James Kosakowski via RNC (Photo Credit: GPG)
Patrick Sabatini defeats Brian Trotta via heel hook (Photo Credit: GPG)

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