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GPG 21 Fight for Autism Awareness

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Monday July 20, 2015– On July 25th, The Events Center in Pennsauken NJ will host what most experts are calling the biggest flyweight battle outside the UFC.  Global Proving Ground will host its next show, GPG 21, Fight for Autism Awareness.  The event will feature the crowning of their inaugural fly-weight champion. Sean ‘Shorty Rock’ Santella, will face off against Matt ‘Razor Sharp’ Rizzo.

The card will feature nine bouts.  GPG fans, and East coast MMA fans will recognize some familiar faces like Washington DaSilva, Marques Worrell, and Anthony Dill.  You can see the full card below.

Let us first take a look at the main event.

santella promo shot

rizzo promo shot

Both fighters’ records are heavy on submission wins.  Rizzo has 7 submissions on his record, and Santella has 9. I’m wondering if this will in fact play out as a technical ground war, or whether their grappling pedigrees will cancel each other out, leaving us with a rock’em sock’em stand up affair.

Santella is coming off two consecutive losses.  Rizzo has won 7 of his last eight. He was beaten by Jimmy Grant in May of 2014.  He avenged that loss, (via submission), 4 months later.  It is interesting to note that Santella’s last loss is at the hands of that same man; Jimmy Grant.

Two consecutive losses make a fighter way more dangerous. Saturday night, Santella will be a caged animal who hasn’t been fed in a while.

Rizzo has to be walking in with a ton of confidence. Riding a 4 fight win streak, and knowing he’s beaten the last guy to defeat his opponent will give him a sense of entitlement to that belt.

The drama in this fight is heightened even further by the fact that both guys are trying to stamp their ticket to the big show with this fight. Trust me, this is not a fight you are going to want to miss.

Check out this promo video for the fight below.

There are plenty of other intriguing matchups featured on this card.  Have a look at the event’s Tapology.com page.

Stay tuned for more coverage on this phenomenal upcoming card. To learn more about Global Proving Ground, or for tickets to the event, check out their website, www.GlobalProvingGround.com, and their facebook event page.

The event will also be broadcast live, right here on FightbookMMA.com. Click on Live Events and find the GPG 21 event.

mozzymozz.By: Mozz Manzoor


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