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Holly Holm co-signs on Gina Carano getting first fight against Ronda Rousey

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UFC women’s bantamweight Holly Holm hasn’t been signed to the promotion for two weeks but she’s already figuring into the division’s title picture. Arguably a contender to champion Ronda Rousey before she was even signed, Holm looked to be a fresh addition to a stagnant division. Rather than risk another potential mauling at the hands of Rousey, the UFC seems to be opting for the big name appeal of women’s MMA pioneer turned actress Gina Carano. Carano has been absent from fighting since a 2009 bout in Strikeforce, as a competitive opening round against Cris Cyborg spiraled into a one-side beatdown for the face of the sport.

Gaining her own perspective, ESPN asked Holm whether or not she believed Carano deserved an immediate title shot at Rousey.

“Carano has been on the big show before, so she can handle the pressure.” said Holm. “There are a lot of girls who have been working hard for a shot who might deserve it a little more than someone who has been out that long, but Carano has put a lot of time in before. She’s earned her spot in certain ways. Who am I to say Carano is undeserving of an opportunity? I’ll let the promoter make those decisions.”


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