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Houssam El Kasri gets 3rd fight in New York, only a few months with Glory. Houssam Defeated Kou Lee in El Kasri’s 2nd fight at GLORY 58 in September delivery heavy knees’ in the clinch on several occasions. In Houssams debut with the promotion, winning by 1st round TKO vs Ben Acosta at GLORY 56-Denver via 3 knockdown rule, landing hard punches on his opponent who oddly,only kicked the entire fight regardless of it’s effectiveness.At one point in that fight El Kasri landing a front kick to the face of Acosta in the corner, sending him through the ring.

In combination with departing from Childs Play MMA (Denver Area), then joining Zingano’s Brighton/Team Wildman (Denver area) under coach Thomas Denny, then signing with Glory, El Kasri has appeared to reinvent himself. Always a solid determined fighter, he now is showing different looks, added with more violence, precision, and choice of strikes. Since his signing. El Kasri has made it look easy, picking and choosing to do whatever he wants, when he wants. Since his Glory debut, El Kasri has been dominating every second, his last 2 times out. Houssam has resembled a man, possessed, leading him to a 3rd Glory bout before year’s end, since his August signing. Obviously Glory with a close eye on him, Glory appears to have Houssam on a fast track to the bigger fights, sooner than later, noticing his durability and willingness to step in when they need him.

El Kasri is a Moroccan born Kickboxer, getting his black belt at age 14. Soon after he migrated to the U.S. Since in the U.S. with his brothers, also kickboxers. El Kasri’s sole loss was a close decision, which he was never threatened in his Pro debut (pre Glory). Since, has won 2 in a row, in devastating fashion. Again, looking completely different.

Originally El Kasri was to fight Niko Tasgiras 20-4 but someone got hurt, so he (Tasgiras) moved up to the “Superfight Series” portion of the Glory 60 fight card, to save that injury bout.

Now, Houssam will face undefeated fighter Abraham “Ham” Vidales, who is from Mexico holding a record of 11-0 with 9 KO’s.

El Kasri:

“I watched a few of his fights.It’s going to be a fun fight”

This fight will take place in New York at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Nov 2. When FightBookMMA spoke with El kasri today he informed us:

El Kasri:

“I’m not taking him easy”, then added “it’s Modelo time, after I knock his ass out.”

“He will get a harder fight than he, and his coach are expecting.”

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