Houssam El Kasri Wins KickDown Main Event as Expected

Photo Credit: Amanda Armstrong

By Cameron Chrisp

(March 16, 2017)– Houssam El Kasri the current Sparta Combat League 145lb Kick Boxing Champion drops Sean Armijo 3x’s in lopsided KickDown Main Event last weekend, in what was to be, a 130lb Title bout. El Kasri implements vicious kicking attack, in Glory rules type Main event victory, near Denver. FightbookMMA spoke with Houssam on Monday, and He he explained that a severe auto accident enroute to KickDown last Friday night was a huge contributing factor to his missing weight by 3lbs prior to his bout with Sean Armijo. As a result, the commission was no longer able to allow this fight to remain a Title bout. After speaking with the victor, he didn’t share much disappointment, and actually he reflected much positivity, and satisfaction, as usual. El Kasri went on to add he has never missed weight for a fight ever, and expressed strongly, the car accident just didn’t allow him the time to shed the additional 3lbs. He neede to, in time for weigh ins. Armijo took a lot of punishment in this bout, which probably should have been stopped at some point, but instead, the ref chose to let the fight play out. Armijo a tough fighter, took heavy shots, but respectably, refuse to quit, and took the fight the distance, with El Kasri winning a unanimous decision. Houssam said “ I threw some hard head kicks on his face.” Knowing ahead of the bout, that the belt was off the table, once the judges decision was read, unknowingly, one of the Ring girls, still put the belt on Houssam. Houssam always a good sport, just went with it.

El Kasri went on to inform me that at the conclusion of the bout, KickDown offered him a instant Title shot at 135lb this time, vs a unknown opponent at the time, for the end of april, which Houssam sounded confident, understandably. Houssam a immigrant, now a United States citizen from Morrocco, North Africa, has resided in the U.S. now for a year and a half now. He is a huge fan of swimming and is a former lifeguard. Outside of fighting he expressed a big interest in hiking, and the outdoors. As a child El Kasri was put into martial arts at age 5, and was a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do by age 15. Soon after, he won his first 3 Muay Thai tournaments then moved to the States. El Kasri is 3-0 since his arrival, and 11-1 overall. Houssam trains at Child’s Play MMA under Vern Earwood, and trains with the well Known Manny Perez, Tim Ibarra, Big Sexy Heath Soderstrom, and Adam Vigil to name a few. Houssam explained that Child’s Play MMA had a huge cage, sauna, pool, 40-50 training/sparring partners whom are actually fighters, and its membership price was the most economical in the area, for a combat sports gym. So, I had to ask, F.B.: what is your favorite thing your gym offers?

H.E.K.: Flat fee pricing, $85/month covers everything, private lessons, hitting mitts, pool. Sauna, cage time, great sparring partners, everything.

When asked if he wanted to add anything? Houssam wanted to thank his sponsors DMG Automotive Inc., RDX, and Five Star Management.

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