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Hello my name is Kerry Stellar, I am the host and owner of In The Girls Corner, blog, podcast, and reporter… WHERE MMA MEETS BEAUTY AND A LITTLE OF EVERYTHING ELSE. I cover live events, and recorded as well, my passion is the wonderful world of Mixed Martial Arts, amateur events, to pro fights and anything in between is where you’ll find me. I fell in love with MMA and WMMA at a young age, and decided to take a different avenue apart from actually fighting, so now I get to talk about it, write about it, and see some of the best fights LIVE, from the best seat in the house, cage side.

On my podcast I delve into everything MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, and then some, men and women’s fashion and beauty, because we may want to fight, there is no reason we can’t look good doing it. Check out IN THE GIRLS CORNER for your UFC, BELLATOR, INVICTA, WORLD SERIES OF FIGHTING, and countless local amateur and professional fights. See you guys on fight night!

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