Jeremy Pacatiw vows to raise the flag of Philippines at Brave Combat Federation in Brazil​

Jeremy Pacatiw is the face of the next generation of rising mixed martial arts stars from Philippines. Never did it feel for many that Jeremy will bounce back from the defeat at the second edition of Brave against Hamza Kooheji of Bahrain. But he proved the experts wrong by being unstoppable after his comeback victory against the veteran Chaitanya Gavali from Team Relentless at Brave 5: Go for Glory in Mumbai, India. Not only did Pacatiw bounced back from his previous loss, but also had dominated and won the match in style against a much stronger and experienced opponent. The 21-year old prospect from Team Lackay is currently signed with the Bahrain based Brave Combat Federation.

Jeremy Pacatiw will be competing in the eighth edition of Brave in Curitiba, Brazil on 12th August, 2017. He will be facing Thiago Dela Coleta from Curitiba, Brazil. Apart from having a clear hometown advantage, Thiago is a skilled grappler and a fierce striker. But in the latest interview that Jeremy gave for the media, he is confident of raising the flag of Philippines in Brazil.

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“I feel very proud to represent Philippines in Brazil. The reaction that I got from Philippines when I won a tough fight in short notice was overwhelming. Win or lose, I know that Philippines is there always to encourage, motivate and support me. That is my strength. I am proud of the culture of Philippines that teaches you to depend on your efforts relentlessly till you achieve your goals.”, replied Jeremy.

Jeremy Pacatiw is the first Filipino fighter introduced to Brazil by Brave Combat Federation. Brave Combat Federation had previously announced that Philippines is one among the geolocations that will be targeted to develop mixed martial arts and the home to the future prospects of the sport. “My fight against Chaitanya Gavali was important in a way that it showed to the fans that I am capable of improving and it gave me another opportunity to compete again in BRAVE. I visualise when my fight culminating in a victory. This gives me strength. This time I am well prepared and confident despite who the opponent will be.”, added Jeremy.

When asked about his future plans Pacatiw was precise to take his popularity towards a social goal he had been cherishing for a long time. “My aim as an MMA fighter is to influence the society and to drive a change for good. I have plans to encourage the youth to train mixed martial arts to cultivate a strong work ethic and culture that separate them from an unhealthy lifestyle and addictions that is haunting the lower income group in the society. I would also focus more on training myself into a better fighter and individual my nation could really be proud about.”, concluded Jeremy.

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