Jonathan “JSP” Pearce goes from bullying victim to the big time

GRAY, TENN. (Thu, December 7, 2017)– Before Jonathan “JSP” Pearce throws down at Strikefest 2 on Dec. 16 in Gray, Tenn., LIVE on FloCombat, the two-time Bellator winner caught up with FightBookMMA.

How did you find MMA to begin with?

I started wrestling when I was about 12. I got bullied a lot, so I decided to start fighting. I got second in the state as a wrestler, but I was a lot better at fighting. I’ve been wrestling for 10 years and doing MMA for five, so I’ve got 15 years in this altogether.

What’s been the secret to your success in MMA?

Relentless training and staying dedicated to my sport.

Where does your dedication stem from?

I got second in state my senior year, and that left me hungry. I always wanted to be first, and MMA has given me another chance to do that.

Why MMA?

It was a natural transition from wrestling. Before, I was afraid to fight — but I’m not afraid of anything in the sport anymore.

What are your thoughts on your two wins with Bellator?

They were both outside and both days were very hot, but overall I’m happy with how they’ve went. I don’t think anyone in the area has had a harder road than me. A lot of people think I suck because I have three losses — but that definitely isn’t the case.