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Kangen Gold


for the 2015 European Open Championships of Amateur MMA

(London, November 12. 2015) Kangen Water is to bring its industry Gold standard, Japanese made Kangen water machines to the IMMAF European Championships of Amateur MMA providing free Alkaline water to all event participants and guests for the duration of the tournament.

Kangen water machines boast an unrivalled technology, restructuring 7.0pH neutral water into super hydrating, alkaline water with a 9.5pH.

Kangen Water representative Fitz Douglas explained:

“This process makes it five times more hydrating than regular tap water. Some of the benefits of Kangen water include its ability to reduce lactic acid and increase the alkalinity of the body on a cellular level for optimal performance and faster recovery from lactic acid and muscle soreness.

“The IMMAF European Championships will have some of the very best Amateur MMA athletes from around the world performing at the edge of their human capacity. Kangen Alkaline water has the capacity to increase the utilisation of the water they are consuming on a cellular level resulting in a dramatic improvement in hydration and better performance.”

IMMAF CEO Densign White said:

“We are excited to offer Kangen’s luxury water at the IMMAF European Championships. Good hydration is such a core component of athlete health and performance. Kangen has partnered with a number of blue chip events over the past 5 years and we are honoured to be associated with the brand.”

For more about Kangen Water click here.

For tickets for the IMMAF European Open Championships of Amateur MMA click here.

For additional event information visit www.immaf.org and follow on Twitter.

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