Kimbo Slice Street Legend Turned MMA Superstar

Tuesday June 7, 2016 Back in 2003 if you logged in to Youtube.Com the first thing you would watch was Kimbo Slice street fights. Kevin Ferguson was once the baddest man on the streets of Miami Florida, from time to time people would come and pay Kimbo for a fight and most of the time they would leave with their face mangled or KO in general. Outside of Being a street and internet sensation Kevin didn’t always have it easy s growing up wasn’t always easy, being raised by a single mother Kimbo and his two brothers had to grow up a lot faster than most kids did. Fast forward to the future, the once named King of Web Brawlers decided to take his talents to the next level as he tried his hand in MMA when he signed with EliteXC. Ferguson had a record of 3-1 with all three wins coming by TKO. After fighting in EliteXC Kimbo took his talents to the UFC as he competed on the Ultimate Fighter season 10. Slice won his first fight but ended up losing to Big Country Roy Nelson, after not winning TUF Kimbo got another crack against Matt Mitrione at UFC113 and things didn’t go as planned as Ferguson was finished by TKO in the 2nd round. After finishing up with the UFC, Kimbo took his talents to the professional boxing circuit of the combat sports world. A perfect 7-0 record for Kimbo in the two years that he competed but deep down Ferguson wanted another crack at MMA.

After nearly five years from his last MMA fight, Slice signed a deal with Bellator MMA and his first fight was against this longtime rival Ken Shamrock. With their past being full of drama due to the fact that when they were supposed fight the first time Shamrock mysteriously got injured and Kimbo ended up being KO by the replacement, their rematch had people chopping at the bit. There fight broke TV records all across the land, and it was bitter-sweet for Slice as he got the 1st round KO finish. Fergusons second fight was against longtime rival Dada 5000 (Dhaffir Harris), and as hyped as the fight was thing didn’t go as planned as the fight was an overall disappointment due to the fact that both fighters were burned out after the first round of the fight. Slice ended up getting the victory by TKO in round 3, but deep down Kevin knew that he was better than what the world saw. News broke a few weeks after the fight that Ferguson tested positive for steroids, and with a positive test the win against Dada was nullified to a no contest. After getting his suspension handed to him Bellator booked Ferguson for his 3rd fight in London England against heavyweight James Thompson. The fight had fans all over the UK excited for a huge MMA card, but with the sudden passing of the once street king the fight with Thompson will be scrapped.

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After hearing the passing of Kimbo I think back to the days in high school were I would sit in the library and watch Kimbo beat the snot out of people who didn’t belong to stand next to Slice. Even when you heard rappers mention him in their songs or even when you start to grow a beard and look in the mirror and say I want a beard like Kimbo. That is the kind of influence that Ferg had on the world not just in combat sports but just as a casual fan of people who are athletic or just internet sensations. Slice showed the world that if you work hard and never give up you can make it out of the hood or even make your dreams come true like fighting for the UFC or Bellator. Ferguson is survived by his wife Antionette Ray and his 6 children that he loved with all of his heart. As Slice stated in past interviews he could be hard as F**k on the streets and a beast in the cage but when it came down to being a dad they always came first. Though the details haven’t come out on his death, Kimbo Slice will forever be a legend of combat sports and will always be knows for is heart and determination. So I say R.I.P Kimbo it was an honor to watch you fight, an honor to laugh at your jokes, and an honor to see the man you became to be.

Rest Easy Big Guy!

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By: Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”

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