Kris Moutinho eyes CES belt: “I need that quick!”

RHODE ISLAND (Sat, July 1, 2017)– Before Kris Moutinho tries to improve to 5-0 against Brandon Seyler in his AXS TV Fights debut at CES 45 on August 11 in Lincoln, R.I., the top Massachusetts prospect sat down with FightBookMMA.

How excited are you for this fight?

I’m very excited to get back in the cage, doing what I’m supposed to be doing – what I love to do. I’ve seen my opponent fight a couple of times, he’s a tough grinder – he’s a wrestler. He’s going to be a tough opponent but I’m not too worried about it. I’ll just do what I always do, up the pace, put some pressure on him and look for the finish. Even if I don’t finish, it’ll be another great fight.

Are you impressed with what you’ve seen out of Brandon?

Yeah, he’s tough. He pushes the pace and tries to go for the finish. I’m not looking past him or underestimating him. He’s a tough kid and he’s athletic but I’m going to do what I do – I’m a more complete fighter than any other guy he’s fought. I think he’s on a two-fight losing streak right now, but he’s still dangerous, dangerous everywhere. So I’m going to do what I do to finish a fight.

Is he the most advanced opponent you’ve fought so far?

Yeah, in my professional career. He’s had like twelve or thirteen fights, so he’s pretty well-rounded. He’s definitely the most experienced fighter I’ve fought so far. But it’s not going to be any different – I’m going to go out there, do what I do, and finish the fight.

How important is it for you to get the finish?

I used to think it was more important than it actually is, but I’m just looking to win the fight however I have to win it. So if it goes to decision, it goes to decision. If it goes to a finish or submission – whatever it is – I’m going to finish the fight. I’m going to do my best and my best is all I can do. I work harder than anyone else in New England, so I’m going to go out and show them what I do.

How will 5-0 feel?

It will feel amazing. We’re in this era of the sport, right now, where undefeated records count for more. The more wins I can get without losses, the bigger chance of me getting to the big show. I’m looking to get there quick. This year I said I want the CES belt and that’s still my goal. I’ve got to keep winning.

What would that belt mean to you?

It means everything, right now. I’m at a spot right now where I’m fighting on the biggest stage, locally, and that’s the biggest belt around. So I need that, quick.