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KSW has announced that Polish Actor Tomasz Oswiecinski will take on Top Fitness Model Erko Jun at KSW 44

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KSW has announced a fight between famous Polish actor Tomasz ‘Strachu’ Oswiecinski (1-0) and one of the world’s most popular fitness models Erko Jun (0-0).

Strachu returns to faces Erko Jun at KSW 44

A mega crossover fight has been announced for KSW 44 on June 9 as famous Polish actor Tomasz ‘Strachu’ Oswiecinski (1-0) will face Erko Jun (0-0), one of the world’s most popular fitness models.

Oswiecinski rose to fame in Poland as being a personal trainer to the stars before landing roles in action movies and is a regular character on a Polish soap. Then he made his MMA debut in one of the biggest fights of the year in Poland last year when he squared off against the infamous Popek Monster (3-3) at KSW 41 in December. After clearly losing the first round ‘Strachu’ then rallied back to beat Popek by TKO in the second round.

Now he faces a very different challenge in his sophomore fight coming in the shape of Erko Jun (0-0). Born in Bosnia, Jun and his family fled as a result of the 1992 Bosnian War and moved to Belgium. The 27-year-old always had a passion for combat sports but it was in bodybuilding and fitness modelling where he focused and has created a small empire in. Now that Jun is at the top of his field he is returning to his passion and he has been training for six months at top German gym UFD, home to KSW stars Roberto Soldic, David Zawada, and Antun Racic.

At KSW 43 over the weekend Strachu and Jun came face to face for the first time in the cage.

The pair will meet at KSW 44 on June 9 at the Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Poland. Also at this card, five-time worlds strongest man Mariusz Pudzianowski (12-5) and former heavyweight champ Karol Bedorf (14-3) will finally meet in the main event.

KSW 44 will be available to watch from around the world on www.KSWTV.com.

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