Legends of the Cage (LOTC): Supporting The Hereos Of MMA

RIO RANCHO, NM (Thur, October 12, 2017)– Legends of the Cage (LOTC) was founded by CEO Brian Moore and co-founded by Gary Goodridge. LOTC is an organization of fighters for both Men and Women as they help former, retired and injured fighters.

Legends of the Cage CEO Brian Moore talked to FightBookMMA’s Founder Roberto Villa and stated:

I founded Legends of the Cage when I realized that my MMA heroes and guys who were here from the start where being forgotten in the story of the sport. The sport we love was built by the blood and sweat of guys like Goodridge, Severn, Coleman, Inoue and all the great legends we have honored and so many more. We want to not only give fans the experience of meeting the fighters who built the sport but to also give the fighters just a taste of the fan love and fame they once took for granted. Along the way we have managed to do some great stuff with children’s hospitals, Ronald Mcdonald House charities, as well as bullied children. We have been able to affect many lives with our #DOGOODTHINGSTOUR and look forward to continuing our work with many great charities in the future. As we preserve the history of the sport by reminding fans of these fighters and their contributions to the sport of MMA we are also preserving the history for fans of the future by working hard to create the ultimate MMA MUSEUM. Showing the true history of the sport.

Moore is working with Cellar 13 Films to film a documentary of the True History of MMA. This film is like none other as they will be following these fighters to give you the untold stories of these true Legends of the Cage. The film will also go behind the scene of what their lives have been like after leaving the cage behind.

Not only is Brian working on a documentary but he’s also partnering up with New Vision Films to create a new MMA movie called No Way Out. Brian sat down with James Lynch as he talks about how he got into MMA, about his MMA Museum and all the hard work Brian has done with Legends of the Cage (LOTC). Brian also gives us a little scoop about the upcoming film No Way Out.

Check out this documentary from MADE TV featuring co-founder of Legends of the Cage (LOTC) Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge.

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