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Thursday June 2, 2016 One of the best bantamweights in the world and the current WSOF undisputed bantamweight champion of the world Marlon Moraes sat down with FightBookMMA to tell his story about his early days in MMA and his rise to being one the best bantamweights in the world. Moraes is the current champion for the WSOF, but it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows for Marlon, when he first started to train at the age of 7 in martial arts his friends would make fun of him because the gear that he would have to wear. After training for a while Moraes decided not to train anymore and to pursue other activities while he was growing up, little did he know that later down the road when he was older his friend would ask him if he would like to train in Muay Thai. After continuing the path to be an MMA fighter Marlon took his first professional fight at the age of 18 and after winning by rear naked choke the journey had begun. After winning in his debut fight Marlon had to make a tough decision on if being a fighter would be able to pay the bills and help with everyday needs, aside from MMA not paying the bills being a 135pound fighter made it even harder to find fights. Everyone always wants to see the big bad heavyweights but when MMA was making its run to stardom it was hard for some smaller fighters to find good fights. After a few years had gone by Marlon decided to sit down and really think about what he wanted to do with his life, and the only thing that he wanted to do was fight. Marlon’s road to being one of the best fighters had begun.

Now dedicating all his time to fighting Marlon was taking any fight that he could get, even if they weren’t the best stylistically for him. While some of his first couple fights where wins, some of them were losses as well and Moraes started to notice that he had the wrong training to succeed in MMA. After making a phone call with UFC lightweight fighter and close friend Edson Barboza, Marlon had worked out a deal with Barboza to come to the United States to work at the gym were he would be training. After arriving to New Jersey Moraes got to train with the best in the business like Frankie Edgar, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu true champions of the sport. Making the move to New Jersey was more than just a job and a chance to train but being the training partner of Frankie Edgar and having the chance to train at all different gyms for all aspects of his game. Boxing, Wrestling, BJJ anything that Marlon could learn to better his craft. When he made the move to New Jersey Marlon knew that there was no better place to train and find an organization that would put him up against top talent. Marlon got his shot in XFC were in his first fight he defeated Chris Manuel by unanimous decision and after a 2nd KO win over Jarrod Card the news started to get passed around that Marlon Moraes was the real deal and was here to stay. One day while training with Frankie Edgar Moraes got the nod from the WSOF that he was going to be facing one of their best bantamweights in the world Miguel Torres. Preparing for Torres was no different from any other, Marlon knew that this was his chance to take his career to the next level. Marlon got the split decision victory over Torres and after was told that he would get next crack at the title, but as everyone that knows the sport knows that nothing is promised. Marlon’s next fight was against Tyson Nam, another big name in the bantamweight division. Nam wasn’t a problem for Moraes as he KO him out in the 1st round. After winning four straight fights Marlon finally got his shot at the bantamweight title, his opponent was Josh Rettinghouse. After defeating Rettinghouse Moraes was the new bantamweight champion of the world. Finally reaching his goal in life Marlon knew that the next step was to cement his legacy as one of the best in the world.

After a few title defenses Moraes has finds himself on the last fight on his current contract with the WSOF, a round 2 against Josh Hill. Their 1st fight ended with Marlon getting the unanimous decision victory. When I asked Marlon how he thinks the 2nd fight will go he said “The 2nd fight with Josh Hill will be better because we both have gotten better. I think that this time we will both more prepared for each other. I also think that this fight will show that I am one of the best and that I belong with the best”. After this fight Marlon will get together with his team and his family and decide what is best for them. He made it very clear to me that it’s not just about him that his team and his coaches and his family work just as hard as he does to get to where he is now. “My game plan on every fight is to show you the best Marlon you have ever seen”, that is the motto that Moraes lives by that is what keeps him looking better and better each time in the octagon. Weather it’s the UFC, Bellator, or WSOF Marlon just wants to fight for titles. That’s what it’s been about his whole career, is trophies and belts that’s what makes him wanting to get better and better. Outside of the octagon Marlon is a father to Raphael and a husband to Isabella, when asking about his family I have never heard so much love and determination to provide for a man’s family like I did from Marlon. Hearing how when he is done with training he comes home and plays with his son and no matter what he always makes time to spend time with his wife. That’s determination and heart, and that is what you need to be successful in this industry. You can KO people out every time but if you’re not a good person outside of the octagon then you will go no were. There is no doubt in my mind that when it’s all set and done Marlon Moraes will be a name that you will never forget. I can’t tell you were he will end up or what his future plans are, but I can tell you that he will be defending his Bantamweight title against Josh Hill on July30th at WSOF32 live from Everett Washington.

By: Rick San Bartolome
“The Franchise”


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