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FightBookMMA™©® is always thinking of new ways on how we can raise money so we’re able to give back to the MMA community and how we can sponsor fighters. With the creative mind of our correspondent Jay Durham he came up with an idea on how we can do both.

We started a paid subscription where fans can subscribe to one of the campaigns and receive a certain perk for paying a monthly fee. Each Tier/Subscription will have different and better prizes where your name will be picked in a monthly drawing.

By joining now not only will you be in a monthly drawing to win some awesome and amazing prizes (which it all depends on which Tier you subscribe), you’re also helping fighters get sponsored at the same time.

So why not subscribe since this is a good way to help fighters get sponsored and at the same time win prizes. For more information on the Tiers/Subscriptions you can check out the different levels below. Click on the price to sign up and join the #FightBookMMANation

Entry Level Fight Fan

You will get a welcome message on our Facebook Fan Page of 23k followers.




Next Level Fight Fan

Receive all perks from tier 1 & you’re entered into a monthly giveaway for a FightBookMMA Shirt & Hoodie.



High Level Fight Fan

Receive perks of tiers 1 & 2 and we will announce you on the FightBookMMA YouTube Channel & you’re entered in our monthly giveaway for MMA gloves


VIP Level Fight Fan

All previous tier perks, plus monthly giveaway of SIGNED MMA gloves w/pic of fighter signing them!


Grand Supporter of FBMMA

All previous tier perks and receive a ticket to attend an MMA event!


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