Mixed Striking Championship 2

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Event Time: Jul 25, 2015 7:30 PM EDT

Venue: Bank United Center

Location: Miami FL

Monday July 20, 2015– Mixed Striking Championships returns with MSC: 2! Mixed Striking Championships brings a unique blend of combat to audiences with a very unique ruleset. The fighters wear smaller gloves but are only allowed to fight on the feet. No stalling, no grappling, all action!

In the main event, Combate Americas veteran Alan Arzeno will take on “The Immortal Warrior” Johnavan Visitante.

On the undercard, talented fighters like Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath and Harrison “Kid Clark Kent” Melendez will be featured.

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Mixed Striking Championship 2 Fight Card:

Main Event:

Alan Arzeno vs. Johnavon “The Lycan” Vistante


Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath vs. Tulio Quintanilla

Amos Merriweather vs. Harrison “Kid Clark Kent” Melendez

Judah “The Assasin” Anderson vs. Whitney Waddell

Josh “Fireball” Mercado vs. Luay Ashkar

Dennis “The Menace” Hernandez vs. Alfonso “Chocolate Boy” Frierson

Kendrick “Big Problem” Miree vs. Jake “The Honey Bear” Heun

Jimmy Alexander vs. Abraham EstacioUndercardJayson Jones vs. TBD TBD

Butch “The iron Lion” Lutchmedial vs. Pedro Cassoma

Lodune “The Vanilla Gorilla” Sincaid vs. Victor “Showtime” Delgado

Taylor Krahl vs. Antonio Molloy


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