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MMA Fanatics India launches the Bantamweight Ranking

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MMA Fanatics India launches the Bantamweight Ranking for the Indian MMA Fighters.

The rules of ranking and parameter:

1. Only Indians ( holding Indian passport / Indian Citizen).

2. Indian Fighters under exclusive contract with foreign promotion will be not under our ranking parameters.

3. Indian Fighters who are fighting in India / Indian Promotion/ no exclusive contract with foreign promotion will be ranked

The rankings are as follows:

National Ranking for Bantam Weights MMA Fighters :-

Rank 1 :- Md .Farad
with stunning Knockout, Winning the title and with a record of 10-3 ( Tapology) and 9-3 ( Sherdog). Md. Farad is one of the best knockout artist in the MMA community of India. His last action in Kumite 1 league has earned him the title.

Rank 2 :- Kantharaj Agasa,
no doubt the most strong contender in Bantanweight division with a perfect record of 10-0 (Tapology) and 7-0 ( Sherdog ). Agasha had a dominanat performance back to back and we wish him all the best to secure a contract for fighting in the OCTAGON.

Rank 3 – Sumeet Khade
His head kick to Pawan Goyat was mesmerizing. With a record of 9-2 ( Tapology and Sherdog). Sumeet had already fought in famous international promotion ACB MMA. He trains in Superhuman Gym.

Rank 4 – Dhruv Chaudhary
His wins over Chatinya Gavali was an upset, with a record of 10-6 ( Tapology) and 9-5( Sherdog). Dhruv Latest victories are against India’s best fighters like Chaitanya and Angad Bist

Rank 5 – Kuldeep Singh Sekhon
Record 8-3 ( Sherdog and Tapology ). He is having a good success run in SFL

Rank 6 – Chaitnya Gavali
The one of the most famous faces across India with a record of 6-5 ( Sherdog and Tapology ). He is the only Indian to hold two Titles 1. Beatdown MMA 2. Warrior FC.

Rank 7 – Nelson Paes
His latest win comes in Kumite1 league. His record is 3-4-1 ( sherdog). His winning streak records in Desert Force and Kumite 1 league

Rank 8 – Pawan Goyat
We all remember his fight with Khade making a record of 5-5 ( Sherdog and Tapology).

Rank 9 – Kario Issac
With his win over Irfan Khan and record of 3-1 ( Sherdog). Kario Issac was the winner of SFL contender series.

Rank 10 – Roshan Mainam Luwang
With his win over Ateet Kelvin gupta and record of 3-2 ( sherdog).

Rank 11- Ateet Kelvin Gupta
Record of 2-3 ( sherdog), 2-2( tapology) and 5-3. Ateet Kelvin Gupta is the Boom MMA Bantamweight Champion.


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