MMA Fighter Marcus Kowal to release a documentary inspired by his son “Letters to Liam”



An American Dream

Coming to the United States from Sweden, Professional MMA fighter Marcus Kowal was living the American dream. While continuing to pursue his MMA career, he attended a local college where he attained a Masters degree in Sports Management. Soon after, he opened and operated three gyms in the greater Los Angeles area, and eventually met and married his wife Mishel Eder. Mishel became pregnant and on May 5th of 2015 gave birth to a healthy baby boy who they named Liam. Marcus Kowal could not have been more proud nor happy, successfully pursuing his passions with the love and support of his new family, he was truly living the American Dream.

Cut Short by Tragedy

On September 3rd 2016, while on a walk with Mishel’s sister, Liam was hit by a drunk driver. The next day, he died. Marcus asked the police one question: Who do I have to kill? He was informed that the driver who hit his son and attempted to flee the scene was a 72-year-old woman. Liam Kowal was brought to Hawthorne Hospital where he was placed in the ICU unit and kept on life support. On September 4th the doctors informed Marcus and Mishel that Liam was officially brain dead. They were then faced with the most difficult decision a parent could ever face. On September 5th Marcus and Mishel said goodbye to their fifteen month old baby boy and removed Liam from life support.They then made the heartbreaking and courageous decision to donate Liam’s organs.

A Father Unwilling to Give Up

Since that day, Marcus and Mishel have been determined to make a difference in their son’s name, and are now in the most important fight of their lives. From founding an organization to raise awareness about drinking and driving and organ donation (, to writing a book, speaking publicly, and meeting with lawmakers, nothing will deter them from reaching their goal of changing the social attitude towards drinking and driving in America.

In June of this year they agreed to terms with Los Angeles based Winters Rock Entertainment to create a feature length documentary film to share their story. Their efforts, including incredible scenes from MMA fights to a Caesarean section childbirth, have been captured in stunning 4K Ultra HD for the upcoming documentary set to release in 2018. Production has been underway since June of this year, and Winters Rock Entertainment has just released the official trailer for the film.

The Film

Letters to Liam is an inspirational expose documentary that follows MMA fighter Marcus Kowal and his wife Mishel as they navigate life and attempt to change the mentality and laws surrounding drinking and driving after the tragic loss of their fifteen month old son Liam. The main storyline follows Marcus and Mishel’s as they navigate a flawed justice system, attempt to create a real change in Liam’s name, and find a way to move forward with life. Only ten months after Liam’s death, Mishel is preparing to give birth to their second child, and although this is a light at the end of a dark tunnel, they are still dealing with the loss of Liam. Marcus deals with this in the only way he knows how, with the aggressive pursuit of change that is fueled by the fighter within. He spends every ounce of his energy raising awareness and sharing his story in the hope that no other parent will have to go through what he and Mishel have gone through. Marcus & Mishel are meeting with lawmakers, community leaders, tech gurus, and leading entrepreneurs in an attempt to implement real change in Liam’s name.

The film follows their journey as they navigate the murky waters of a tragedy that no one would ever want to face. From the incomprehensible pain of losing a child, to the euphoria of giving birth to a second child, the film explorers the ability of the the human mind to overcome even the greatest of obstacles. Through Marcus, Mishel, and the friends and family that surround them, we experience this tragedy and joy from a unique and intimate perspective. The strength, grace, and humor that they personify through this ordeal surpasses the tragic nature of the subject, and with compelling interviews from the individuals that have been affected by this tragedy coupled with gripping scenes including MMA fights, courtroom sentencing and testimonials, attempts to change the laws, world records attempts to raise awareness for their cause, to an actual live C-section birth, Letters to Liam delivers a heartfelt, compelling, and entertaining look at an ongoing problem that rips at the fabric of our culture.

As you can imagine its going to take time, staff and money. We want everyone watch this heartfelt movie by showing your support and donate to their Indiegogo campaign here:

This documentary will be directed by the award-winning creative team of Rocky Romano & Miranda Winters, coupled with stunning cinematography by Alexey Orlov, an award-winning Director of Photography, Letters to Liam is sure to be one of the most acclaimed and discussed documentaries of 2018.

Marcus Kowal has been featured on a variety of series, including Celebrity Fit Club, the Tyra Banks Show, Dr. 90210, & The National Body Challenge on the National Geographic Channel. He is currently working on publishing his first book, Life is a Moment, which is being represented by Michael Broussard (who represents Chelsea Handler’s bestselling autobiography). Below you will find media exposure surrounding Marcus and the Liam’s Life foundation.

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