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By: R Eric Ellison

Need a little touch of MMA on this slow Monday? Sit back and soak up some of the UFCs record holders as we kick off another week of waiting for Fight Night! Make sure to check back every Monday for another edition of “MMAzing Monday,” always full of interesting facts and tidbits about all your favourite MMA events and fighters!


MOST WINS INSIDE THE OCTAGON: Georges St. Pierre (19), Matt Hughes (18), and Anderson Silva (16)

MOST FIGHT TIME: Georges St. Pierre (5:28:12), BJ Penn (5:18:07), Tito Ortiz (5:01:53)

MOST BACK-TO-BACK TITLE DEFENSES: Anderson Silva (10), Georges St. Pierre (9), Jon Jones (7)

MOST BACK-TO-BACK WINS: Anderson Silva (16), Georges St. Pierre (12), Jon Jones (11)

MOST TITLE FIGHTS: Randy Couture (15), Georges St.Pierre (14), Anderson Silva (13)

MOST FIGHTS: Tito Ortiz (27), Matt Hughes (25), Randy Couture (24)

MOST KNOCKOUT OF THE NIGHT AWARDS: Anderson Silva (7), Vitor Belfort (5), Roy Nelson (4)

MOST SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT AWARDS: Joe Lauzon (6), Nate Diaz (5), Demian Maia/Cole Miller/ Terry Etim (4)

MOST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT AWARDS: Frankie Edgar (7), Sam Stout (6), Chris Lytle (6), Diego Sanchez (6) Joe Lauzon (6), Clay Guida (6)

MOST OVERALL AWARDS: Joe Lauzon (13), Anderson Silva (12), Nate Diaz (11)


If that wasn’t enough to get those brainwaves moving this morning, here’s a list of the top five PPV’s in UFC history!


UFC 100: Lesnar Vs Mir II – $5,128,190.00 (PPV 1,600,000)

UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin – $2,053,990.00 (PPV 1,116,000)

UFC 158: St. Pierre Vs Diaz – $3,710,000.00 (PPV 1,100,000)

UFC 168: Weidman Vs Silva II – $6,238,793.00 (PPV 1,100,000)

UFC 66: Liddell Vs Ortiz II – $5,397,300.00  (PPV 1,050,000)


Special thanks to Bloguin, FightMetric, and MMania


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