Wednesday January 20, 2016 Waking up the morning after a huge victory is unexplainable; the feeling is amazing. I had hardly opened my eyes before receiving a phone call from the President of King’s Championship, offering me another fight. Someone had been injured, forced to pull out, and he was interested in having me fill the position. I’d be up against Jerrod Herring, he’s 16-2, currently ranked #6 in the Featherweight division. Though I don’t nearly have the experience he has, how could I say no?

 I was now set to fight in just under 2 weeks, and this time, I was on the main card, I could hardly contain myself, I had to call Eli. Once I did, all he would say was: “this is your time, I told you”, and he didn’t quite seem himself, however, I was hoping he was right.

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 Nearing the end of our phone call, Eli requested we hangout and “talk” after our training session later tonight, worried, I agreed.

 After I got off the phone with Eli, I decided to try and call my brother, let him know how the fight went and give him the big news about my next opponent, but of course, my mother answered. Long story short, I was told to stop trying to influence my brother with my “bull shit”, change my path or basically kiss my brother goodbye, the rest of my family as well. I don’t understand how fighting could cause such a split in my family, it’s not like I’m off drinking and getting high all the time, but they’re acting as if that’s what I’m doing. I’m a “disgrace.”

 Heading to the gym I had realized Eli wasn’t home all day, had been wondering why he didn’t just want to talk at his place before our training session. Throughout sparring at the gym, he seemed fine, trained just as hard as he normally would, if not harder. At the end of our boxing training, Eli called me over while unwrapping his hands, made sure I was still free to hangout after training. As both of us finished cleaning our selves up, we headed out for some food and a beer.

Two Budweiser’s, please

 I knew Eli wanted to talk, and knowing that, I decided to get right to it, reminding him that he had wanted to hangout and “talk” about something. He seemed to be holding back at first, he then said, and I quote: “fuck it, I’ve signed with Bellator, I’m sorry, man.

 I wasn’t sure why he was sorry, it was awesome news, and I got right up, hugged him and congratulated him. We started talking about competitors he wants to fight, when his first fight would be, his new contract, and then in the middle of conversation he stopped and said “I’m moving…

 I was set back, wasn’t sure what that meant as he told me, so I asked him what he means. Eli explained that with higher-level competition, he wants higher-level training, and where we’re living, that’s not an option. “I’m moving to California”, he said, and after that, I didn’t know what to say. Not only did I have to pack up and move all my stuff, my life long best friend was moving away for good. I had never felt this lost before, this felt just as bad as being cut off from my family, if not worse. I don’t have the money to afford my own place, I’m signed and stuck into a contract under King’s Championship, that not allowing me an opportunity to move with Eli, possibly signing to a California based organization. This all felt like too much, way too much.

I’m not moving until after your next fight, this is a huge deal, and I’ll be cornering you. I’ll be moving a few days after you kick some ass”, Eli said. “I’m moving, but I expect you to be joining me in Cali shortly after I arrive.

 Ezra received some good and bad news, as he’s offered a huge fight with ranked #6 Featherweight in King’s Championship, then learns his best friend will be moving away to California as he signed into a new contract with Bellator MMA. Though Murdock has some big life changing events ahead of him, his focus will have to remain on his up-and-coming bout against Jerrod Herring, on just two weeks notice.

 As chapter #3 of My Fight: The Story comes to an end, chapter #4 holds what could be the last time Ezra sees his best friend, Eli. Where will Murdock go when Eli moves? There seems like no chance of moving back home with his family, as they’ve pushed him to the side once again, all this, and the biggest fight of his life. Will experience put a mark on Ezra’s unblemished fight record? Focus is key.

By: Adam LeBarr



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