Nate Andrews talks CES 47, nickname & UFC 220 in Boston

Lincoln, R.I. (Sun, November 12, 2017)– Before Nate “The Snake” Andrews tries to improve to 12-1 with his sixth straight finish against Ohio’s Tyler Combs at CES 47 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on AXS TV Fights, the top New England prospect sat down with FightBookMMA.

How did you come to be known as The Snake?

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I got the nickname from being a long-ranged fighter. I feel that I strike like a snake and I won a lot of my amateur fights by chokes – rear-naked chokes and guillotines. It just happened to stick. “You’re like a snake – once you get wrapped around people, you just choke them out.” That’s how it happened. It’s funny because my favorite wrestler growing up was Jake the Snake, so it all kind of fell into place.

When did it hit you that you were a talented fighter?

I was an athlete, so as soon as I started training and doing jiujitsu – I was infatuated with it and got pretty good at it, pretty fast. One of my training partners was already doing MMA and my jiujitsu coach suggested I try it, and I picked up striking pretty quickly. It all kind of fell into place and came together to my advantage.

What are your thoughts on your current five-win streak?

I’m excited about it. I want to keep the momentum moving and train hard. I love this sport and love fighting, so I want to make it to the next level. So, I’m going to continue doing the things I need to do to propel myself forward.

Do you think a win on Friday punches your ticket to the UFC?

Yeah, I hope so. I was hoping that going into my last fight, but things just haven’t fallen into place, yet. Eventually, hopefully, everything falls into place like it should. That’s not my main focus, right now. That’ll be a focus after this win, but right now, my focus is on this win.

What should fans expect out of your next fight?

The same thing they expect going into any other of my fights. I’m going to go out there and bring the fight and look for the finish. I’m not a guy who tries to ride out a decision or anything like that – I fight to finish the fight. They should expect an exciting and entertaining fight, but they’ll see me hunting for the finish.

UFC 220 in Boston, how sweet would it be to get on that card?

That would be awesome. It would be great. It’s something I would love to happen. There are rumors already that a couple of guys in the area who are already in the UFC are going to be on the card. It’d be cool to be on the card with those guys. But, the main focus right now is on getting this win. If I get this win, then I’ll be talking with my manager, Tyson Chartier at Top Game Management, about trying to reach out and get another local guy on the card. If this win doesn’t happen, then that’s not even an option, so I need to focus on this win.