New MGM Arena Will be Ready for May 1, 2016

Tuesday November 3, 2015– When the Las Vegas Sun broke the news that leading casino company MGM Resorts World were to open a new venue in the heart of the city, it brought new optimism about finally bringing a professional sports franchise to Sin City. As well as that possibility, it also meant that Vegas would be able to further flex its economic muscles.

MGM’s new 20,000-seater arena will be situated behind the Monte Carlo and New York-New York casinos and will feature boxing, NFL, concerts and more importantly a slew of UFC events each year.

MGM Resorts World Vice President of Arenas Mark Prows said in a recent interview with Las Vegas Weekly,

“Our goal is to try to find events that wouldn’t have come to Las Vegas if it wasn’t for our new arena. There are still quite a few of those.”

Aside from also attracting college sports and bringing the biggest pop stars to the new arena, the arena has big plans in the first 9 months it will be open. And while the venue is still unnamed, mainly due to the MGM searching for a corporate title sponsorship, the grand opening will be a spectacle in itself.

One person that is eagerly awaiting the unveiling is UFC President, Dana White. He recently told Review Journal the opening of this grandeur arena could mean more UFC shows in Vegas.

“It’s a game-changer,” he went on to say. “It’s important to put on a world-class show, and with the state of the art technology that will be available in this new arena, we can do that and make it a more exciting experience for the fans.”

Although May 1 is some way off that hasn’t stopped the UFC already booking the arena for UFC 200. The promotion will want to make the event one that will go down in history and what better way than at the MGM’s brand new spectacular arena.

The MGM’s business model has changed dramatically over the last decade. After predominantly building hotels and gaming rooms, they have ventured more deeply into providing their clientele with the best entertainment on the Strip. They have built the MGM Grand Garden Arena and now this purpose-built sports and concert arena to help the brand maximize entertainment revenues. Due to the increase number of online casino players across the world, casinos have been hit where it hurts – whether its casinos in Vegas, Macau or some other gaming mecca – they’ve all felt the pinch. Online portals have become that powerful they have begun merging with land-based bookmakers in order to consolidate their position in the market. The Guardian reported this year that leading online provider Gala Casino sealed a $2.8bn merger with bookmakers Ladbrokes. A move like this shows how much buying power online providers now have, and ultimately how bullish they are in their competition with land-based casinos.

While this is bad news for the smaller casinos, the likes of the MGM has survived because they never stand still. The MGM continues to innovate and look for ways to bring their brand to more people across the world.

Mark UFC 200 down on your calendar as July 2, 2016 will be a date to remember.

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