Niko Novelli: “Fighting Has Always Been In My Blood”

(Mon, April 7, 2017)– Before Niko “The Natural” Novelli headlines Alaska FC this week against Vince Fricilone, the undefeated prospect sat down with FightBookMMA.

Why do they call you “The Natural”?

Fighting has always been in my blood, and the transition to MMA was a fairly natural one.

How much of your success is from being a natural, as you say, and how much is from hard work and dedication?

Most of it is hard work and dedication –basically all of it. If you’re athletic, that helps a lot. But if you’re not working hard, you’re not doing the right thing. I’m working, trying to get better every single day, and the results you see in the cage are from that, as well as my natural ability.

How excited are you for this next fight?

Very. I want to showcase my skills and hard work and get the finish. There will be fireworks.

With another impressive victory, do you expect a contract offer from the UFC?

I would love that opportunity, yes; when my time comes, it comes. I’m going to keep working until they recognize me. When the time comes, I’ll be ready for it. I’m always willing to work until I reach that goal.

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