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Off the Chain MMA 7 – My Bloody Valentine’s Fight Card

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Feb 07, 2015
Clear Channel Metroplex Event Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
On Demand here.

Main Event:

Will Walker vs. Dawond “The Real Deal” Pickney


Deartie “Vicious” Tucker III vs. TJ Brown


Andrew Lord vs. Matt Brooks

Gage Mitchell vs. Michael Walker

Chance Farley vs. Dustin Chesser

Tony Garcia vs. Timothy Est

Eric Benson vs. William Urquhart

Alyae Thrower vs. Tristen Priest

Bobby Levingston vs. Chris Sorrell

Tommy Seargeant vs. Josh Holloway

Virgil Still vs. Jorge Acevedo

Eric McGlothlin vs. Ryan Feltner

Reuben Oates vs. Frank Holson

Zac Arnold vs. Austin Watkins

Aaron Sifflet vs. Mike Trizano

Faith Case vs. Jessica Sotack

Seth Anderson vs. Jesse Hancock

Roderick “The Punisher” Parker vs. John Marius

Douglas Hurst vs. Michael Ardoin II

Rudy McGlothlin vs. Chauncey Foxworth


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