Las Vegas (Wednesday June 6, 2016) On Wednesday July, 2016 the second day of the 2016 IMMAF World Championships was held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Below you will find the official results for day 2.

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CAGE 1 (18 Bouts)

Bout 1. Men’s Welterweight: Aleksey Kharlamov (RUS)defeated Marcin Zembala (NIR)via Submission RNC at 1:09 of Round 2 – Referee Dean Weir (UK)

Bout 2. Men’s Welterweight: Hardeep Rai (GBR)defeated Mika Kallio (FIN) vs by split decision– Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 3.Men’s Welterweight: Akonne Wanliss Wanliss (GBR) defeated Jørgen Indsetviken (NOR) by rear naked choke submission at 1:42 Round 2 -Referee Vankimmenade Axel (Belgium)

Bout 4.Men’s Welterweight: Cian Cowley (IRL) defeated Alvaro Gomez Aragón (ESP) by split decision. Referee Piotr Michalak (Poland)

Bout 5.Men’s Welterweight: Benjamin Bennett (USA)defeated Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (ITA) by unanimous decision– Referee Dean Weir (UK)

Bout 6. Men’s Bantamweight: Hughie O’ Rourke (IRL)defeated Dian Minchev (BGR) by 0:50 Round 1 at Referee Referee Yeimy Arizq (Colombia)

Bout 7.Men’s Bantamweight: Daryl Clarke (IRL)defeated Renato Vidovic (SWE) via armbar submission at 1:59 at Round 1 – Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 8. Men’s Bantamweight: David Evans (USA)defeated Sambath Khun (CAN) by unanimous decision – Referee Vankimmenade Axel (Belgium)

Bout 9.Men’s Bantamweight: Sergio Hortelano Rodríguez (ESP) defeated Raf Voza (GBR) via armbar submission at 2:02 Round 1– Referee Piotr Michalak (Poland)

Bout 10.Men’s Bantamweight: Padraig Magee (NIR) def Danny Stirk (GBR))# by armbar submission at 0:42 Round 1 – Referee Piotr Michalak (Poland)

Bout 11.Men’s Bantamweight: Marco Zannetti (ITA) vs Markus Hægland (NOR) by TKO strikes at 1:17 Round 3- Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 12.Men’s Featherweight: Ross McCorriston (NIR)defeated Daniel Möller (DEU) via rear naked choke submission at 1:57 Round 1– Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 14.Men’s Featherweight: Eoghan Drumgoole (IRL)defeated Carlos Castro (USA) via unanimous decision Referee Dean Weir (UK)

Bout 15.Men’s Featherweight: Nathan Kelly (IRL) defeated Ben Fehr (CAN) via TKO at 2:59 Round 2 – Referee Yeimy Arizq (Colombia)

Bout 16.Men’s Featherweight: Daniel Schalander (SWE)defeated Daniel Matuszek (POL) by unanimous decision- Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

Bout 17.Men’s Featherweight: Shoaib Yousaf (GBR)defeated Paulo Covas (PRT) via armbar submission at 2:18 Round 2 . Referee David Weir (UK)

Bout 18. Men’s Featherweight: Muhammadjon Naimov (TJK) defeated Antonio Lerose (ITA) by KO at 1:54 Round 2 . Referee Peter Hickmott (Australia)

CAGE 2 (18 Bouts)

Bout 1. Men’s Featherweight: Orlando Jimenez (USA)defeated Richard Saliba (LBN) by unanimous decision – Referee Paulo De Oliveiro (Portugal)

Bout 2.Men’s Featherweight: Connor Hitchens (GBR) defeated Matt McMeeking (NZL) by at triangle choke submission at 2:55 Round 1 – Referee Torsten Hass (Germany)

Bout 3.Men’s Lightweight: Geir Kåre Cemsoylu Nyland (NOR) defeated Francesco Spinola (ITA) via arm triangle submission at 1:19 Round 3- Referee Scott Manhardt (Romania) Antonio García Morales (Spain)

Bout 4.Men’s Lightweight: Iorga Cristian (ROU)defeated Campanella Mahio (FRA) by unanimous decision. Referee Mark Craig (NZ)

Bout 5.Men’s Lightweight: Eben Cox (AUS) defeated Paul Butacu (ROU) via TKO due to injury Round 1 – Referee Ferdinand Bason (S.Africa)

Bout 6.Men’s Lightweight: Pieter Roedulf Roets (ZAF)defeated Franklin Jarrett (NZL) via TKO due to strikes at 2:15 Round 3 – Referee Antonio García Morales (Spain)

Bout 7.Men’s Lightweight: Ferdun Osmanov (BGR) defeated Niko Koponen (FIN)) via unanimous decision. Referee Neil Swailes (NZ)

Bout 8.Men’s Lightweight: Tobias Harila (SWE) defeated Joe Harding (GBR) via unanimous decision – Referee Paulo De Oliveiro (Portugal)

Bout 9.Men’s Lightweight: Jay Jay Wilson (NZL) defeated Gustavo Gomez (USA) by TKO due to strikes at 1:32 Round 2 – Referee Torsten Hass (Germany)

Bout 10.Men’s Lightweight: Przemysław Tokarz (POL)defeated Bogdan Grad (AUT) via retirement due to injury Round 2 –Referee Mark Craig (NZ)

Bout 11.Men’s Middleweight: Rostem Akman (SWE) vs Valeri Atanasov (BGR) via unanimous decision – Referee Scott Manhardt (Romania)

Bout 12.Men’s Middleweight: James Sheehan (IRL)defeated Irvin Jones (USA) by unanimous decision Referee Ferdinand Bason (S.Africa)

Bout 13.Men’s Middleweight: Byron Chivers (NZL)defeated Diarmuid O’ Buachalla (IRL) via TKO at 2:38 Round 1- Referee Antonio García Morales (Spain)

Bout 14.Men’s Middleweight: Aaron Kennedy (NIR)defeated Perparim Salihu (FIN) at TKO due to strikes at 2:30 Round 2 – Referee Neil Swailes (NZ)

Bout 15.Men’s Middleweight: Dallas Jennings (USA)defeated Stockmann Toni (AUT) via armbar 0:58 Round 1.Referee Paulo De Oliveiro (Portugal)

Bout 16.Men’s Middleweight: Jamie Cookson (NZL)defeated Hani Alsardouk (LBN) via TKO 1:33 Round 3 – Referee Scott Manhardt (Romania)

Bout 17.Men’s Middleweight: Andrew Stanway (AUS)defeated IMBULA-BOFALE Eloge (FRA) via split decision. Referee Mark Craig (NZ)

Bout 18.Men’s Middleweight: Tom Crosby (GBR)defeated Pavel Salčák (CZE) by split decision. Referee Torsten Hass (Germany)

CAGE 3 (18 Bouts)

Bout 1.Men’s Light Heavyweight: Tencho Karaenev (BGR) defeated Colton Cronkite (CAN) via rear naked choke at 2:51 Round 1- Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 2.Men’s Light Heavyweight: Bjarni Kristjánsson (ISL) defeated Igramudin Ashuraliev (RUS) via rear naked choke at 2:48 Round 3 – Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 3.Men’s Light Heavyweight: Simone Cancelli (ITA)defeated Gary Battle Jr (USA) by TKO at 2:19 Round 1 – Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)

Bout 4.Men’s Light Heavyweight: Jaakko Honkasalo (FIN) defeated Merrick Bengis (ZAF) via guillotine choke submission at 0:44 Round 3 – Referee Mihail Mihailovici (Romania)

Bout 5.Men’s Light Heavyweight: Matthew Sheehan (IRL) vs Pawel Zakrzewski (POL) via unanimous decision– Referee Justin Brown (USA)

Bout 6. Men’s Light Heavyweight: Marc Lelievre (NZL)defeated Doupona Dominic (AUT) via TKO due to strikes at 2:15 Round 2. Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 7.Men’s Light Heavyweight: Adam Biegański (POL) defeated Tolga Polat (TUR) via TKO due to strikes at 2:14 Round 1 – Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 8.,Men’s Light Heavyweight: Patrick Drescher (DEU) defeated Robin Enontekio (SWE) via DQ Round 2 – Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)

Bout 9.Men’s Heavyweight: Daniel Galabarov (BGR)defeated Cameron Tukua (NZL) by split decision – Referee Mihail Mihailovici (Romania)

Bout 10.Men’s Heavyweight: Lukasz Sniadecki (AUT)defeated Tomas Svoboda (CZE) by unanimous decision – Referee Justin Brown (USA)

Bout 11.Men’s Heavyweight: Maciej Gasiorek (POL)defeated Kyle Francotti (CAN) by DQ – Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 12.Men’s Heavyweight: Simon Harle (ZAF)defeated Jason Simbro (USA) by TKO due to strikes at 1:56 Round 1 – Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 13.Men’s Heavyweight: Wayne Samways (GBR)defeated Irman Smajic (SWE) by unanimous decision Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)

Bout 14.Women’s Bantamweight: Katarzyna Biegajlo (POL) defeated Manfredi Morgane (FRA) via unanimous decision. Referee Mihail Mihailovici (Romania)

Bout 15.Men’s Welterweight: Will Starks (USA) defeated Tyrone Quinn (IRL) via unanimous decision. Referee Cameron Quinn (Australia)

Bout 16.Men’s Welterweight: Joseph Luciano (AUS)defeated Henri Dimitri (FRA) via unanimous decision. Referee Doug Burch (USA)

Bout 17.Men’s Bantamweight: Abdul Hussein (FIN)defeated Bryan Alexander Pereira Muñoz (COL) via armbar submission at 2:23 Round 1. Referee Justin Brown (USA)

Bout 18. Men’s Bantamweight: Lath Stevens (NZ)defeated Abdulla Munfaredi (BHR) via split decision . Referee Lassi Minkkinen (Finland)

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