ONE Championship 47: Unbreakable Warriors Results

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (September 2, 2016): The largest sports media property in Asian history, ONE Championship™ (ONE), took place this morning, 2 September, at the Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur. 

ONE Championship 47: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS main event was between Ev Ting and Rob Lisita sent the crowd home happy.  In the co-main event, Shannon “One Shin” Wiratchai of Bangkok, Thailand took in Malaysia’s Peter Davis in what was a highly entertaining battle.

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Below is the full recap and results of the event. 

Rene Catalan Breaks Spell, Earns First ONE Championship Win

Rene “The Challenger” Catalan opened up the ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS card from Kuala Lumpur’s Stadium Negara in style, as he earned his first professional mixed martial arts victory. The Filipino scored a unanimous decision win over “The Mandrill” Zhang You Liang.

Truthfully, this strawweight fight was all Catalan. Catalan, a multi-time Wushu World Champion, displayed his striking prowess early with a slew of fierce leg kicks. Soon, he took the former Tian Xu Kung-Fu Champion to the ground, working both his punches and an armbar submission.

Though Liang tried working more of his combinations in the second round, Catalan countered with a repeat performance of crisp kicks and a takedown. The Filipino maintained a dominant position for most of the stanza and came close to securing a rear naked choke.

But once he realized it wasn’t locked in, he abandoned that strategy and kept landing hard strikes on the Chinese fighter, who was literally saved by the bell.

The third round proved to be much more methodical, as Liang threw some well-timed leg kicks and body hooks. Catalan, however, retaliated with another dose of his wushu-style kicks and another takedown, where he continued to dominate the position game and pound the body until the round concluded.

From beginning to end, Catalan was always in control. With this victory, the Manilla, Philippines native broke his losing streak, and improved to 1-2. Liang, meanwhile, drops to 1-3.

Muhammad Aiman Earns Judges’ Nod Over Hisyam Samsudin

In the second preliminary bout of the night at ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS, two Malaysian warriors debuting for ONE Championship fought it out for bragging rights in the featherweight division.

Both were not unheralded though, with Muhammad “The Big Cat” Aiman being an amateur Malaysian Invasion MMA Featherweight Champion, and Hisyam “Zephyrus” Samsuddin recently claiming a professional Asian boxing title.

Once the bell rang, their eagerness to prove themselves showed, as they immediately rushed to the centre of the cage. It was Aiman who put on the pressure early, pushing Hisyam to the cage with powerful combinations and kicks, while Hisyam seemed content to sit back and counter.

Aiman visibly had the advantage in the striking department, landing elbows and a straight right hand to mark his Kota Kinabalu-based opponent up. That prompted Hisyam to shoot for a takedown, which he eventually landed. However, “The Big Cat” used the momentum to his benefit, transitioning to a rear naked choke attempt.

He lost it, however, and the fighters scrambled to their feet to clinch against the cage. That’s where the Bali MMA prospect put his muay Thai on display again, grabbing the Thai plum to land several devastating knees to Hisyam’s body. As an action-packed first round drew to a close, he even reversed a takedown attempt by Hisyam to land a takedown of his own.

Much of the same ensued in the second round, with Aiman continuously landing power shots and Hisyam moving for the clinch. The boxer would soon pay the price, as Aiman once again landed hard elbows to prompt his foe’s swift retreat. As they traded shots from close quarters, Aiman shot for a takedown of his own, but lost position and ended up on bottom position. However, “Zephyrus” was unable to make much of the opportunity, with the amateur champion repeatedly threatening with submissions.

Out of the blue, Aiman suddenly locked in a deep armbar, and seemingly had Hisyam finished for the night. Unbelievably, Hisyam survived, with his elbow stretching incredibly far back to allow him to escape the hold and claim dominant position. From there, Hisyam landed several hard knees to his opponent’s head, but he lost the ensuing scramble and ended up on the receiving end of some hard shots from bottom position until the bell rang.

Understandably, Hisyam seemed to be nursing his arm a little for the start of the third, but the story remained much the same – Aiman landing hard shots and combinations with his very game opponent answering sporadically and clinching. Aiman once again had the fight seemingly won with a flying knee that landed flush, but that miraculously gave Hisyam a second wind.

At that point, Hisyam landed a clean one-two to stun his fellow Malaysian, and came out of nowhere with a spinning back fist to score a huge knockdown. He pressed the action in desperation in search of a finish, but Aiman kept his cool to defend himself, even attempting a triangle choke as the bout came to a close.

In the end, the comeback win was not to be, as it was Aiman who received the judges’ nod, prevailing by unanimous decision in a thrilling back-and-forth affair to take his record to 1-1. Hisyam (1-2) can hold his head up high though, with his titanic effort undoubtedly winning him several fans.

Jenny Huang Taps Out Jeet Toshi Via Arm Triangle In Style

Taiwan’s Jenny Huang kept her undefeated streak intact at ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS when she defeated Indian mixed martial artist Jeet Toshi at 3:21 of the first round via arm triangle.

Simply put, this was a superstar performance. That was evident from the minute Huang walked down to the cage.

The Taiwanese atomweight entered Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, dressed as Chun-Li from Capcom’s Street Fighter series of games, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Once the bell rang, however, everything became a little more serious.

Toshi, a seven-time kickboxing champion, maintained the offensive early with a few of her patented strikes. Huang, a Judo black belt and BJJ blue belt, would soon rush her towards the cage fence with a few strikes over her own, but the Dehli, India, resident successfully counterpunched and circled away.

Huang, however, wouldn’t be denied the takedown for long.

She eventually manoeuvred Toshi against the cage and dumped her to the mat. After a couple of beautiful transitions, Huang ended up in side control and sneakily worked the beginnings of an arm triangle. When it felt secure, the Taiwan fighter passed into full mount without any hesitation and cranked the hold until Toshi tapped out.

Huang remains flawless at 4-0 and claims her second consecutive submission win. With the loss, Toshi evens out her record at 3-3.

Nuerdebieke Bahetihan Takes Just 8 Seconds to Knock Out Bruno Pucci

This was supposed to be the start of Bruno Pucci’s (4-2) big comeback streak, as the Evolve MMA product and two-time BJJ No-Gi World Champion had finally put a series of nagging back problems behind him.

China’s Nuerdebieke Bahetihan (3-1), however, had other ideas in their featherweight clash at ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS.

Once the opening bell rang, Pucci came out strong with a one-two combination that had Bahetihan backing up towards the cage.

However, Pucci inexplicably hesitated for a moment with his guard low. That’s when Bahetihan uncorked a devastating right hook to knock Pucci out cold. A hammerfist on the ground soon followed to punctuate the stoppage, with referee Olivier Coste diving in to save Pucci from further damage.

The finish came at 0:08 of the very first round, making it the second-fastest KO in ONE history. The existing record is jointly held by Mario Satya Wirawan and Timofey Nastyukhin at 0:06.

Keanu Subba Bounces Back With TKO of Waqar Umar

Malaysia’s Keanu Subba via Bali, Indonesia, returned to his winning ways with a spectacular victory over Pakistan’s Waqar Umar. The two did battle in a featherweight bout at ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS, which took place Friday, 2 September at the Stadium Negara in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Subba, who in his previous outing lost a close decision to China’s Li Kai Wen, turned around quickly in accepting the Umar bout, relishing the opportunity to compete in front of his hometown crowd.

The 22-year-old showcased his well-known striking chops, bringing the fight to Umar who looked to take the action to the ground.

Umar, a grappling specialist whose victories have all come by submission, proved to be quite tricky on the mat. After he caught a missed kick by Subba, Umar used the momentum to get the Malaysian prospect on the ground.

With side control, Umar did his best to pounce on his opponent but had difficulty doing so and in turn, gave up the sweep to Subba.

In top control, Subba delivered his trademark elbows while Umar tried to recover with various submission attempts.

Subba was just too crafty however, and was able to escape most of Umar’s advances from his back, and as soon as Subba was able to posture up, he threw down powerful straight blows which Umar could not defend against.

The official finish came at 4:31 of the first round when Umar tapped to a volley of strikes, coercing referee Joey Lepiten to wave off the bout.

With the victory, Subba improves his record to 4-2 while Umar drops to 4-1.

Agilan Thani Remains Spotless, Submits Trestle Tan In First Round

Agilan “The Alligator” Thani gave his hometown something to cheer about. On Friday Night, 2 September in front of a packed house at Kuala Lumpur’s Stadium Negara, the former MIMMA Welterweight Champion submitted battle-tested veteran, Trestle “Jun Minion” Tan, via rear naked choke at the 2:24 mark of the first round.

Thani was absolutely relentless in his attack. Then again, that’s a distinct characteristic of every “Alligator”.

After taking a brief moment to establish range, Thani displayed his improved striking and grappling skills in a flash. The 21-year-old Monarchy MMA product, who has been cross-training at Team Quest in the US and Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand, delivered a few punches on his way to a body lock.

Tan knew he was going for the takedown. Though the Vietnam-based Filipino adjusted his body and maintained impeccable balance, Thani eventually tossed him to the ground. From there, the unbeaten Malaysian sensation passed into half guard, and then full mount before starting to rain down punches until Tan gave up his back. That allowed the “Alligator” to sink in his hooks, flatten his opponent out, and slide in a fight-ending rear-naked choke.

The hometown hero moves his record to a spotless 6-0 and keeps his reputation for finishing fights in tact. Tan, meanwhile, drops to 4-6.

Gianni Subba Earns Decisive Win Over Yago Bryan

Malaysian flyweight sensation Gianni Subba (8-2) overcame a spirited performance from enigmatic counterpuncher Yago Bryan (3-2) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to stand victorious after an entertaining bout.

The pair locked horns in a three-round flyweight contest in the main card of ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS which took place Friday, 2 September at the Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

The 23 year-old Subba employed a tactical gameplan, working with his long reach to keep Bryan at the end of his kicks all fight long.

In the first round, it was immediately evident that Bryan’s only chance to do damage would be if he was able to bridge the gap between he and Subba. Subba however, masterfully delivered a multitude of high head kicks to keep the Brazilian at bay.

In the second round, one of Subba’s head kicks landed on Bryan’s temple, which sent the Brazilian reeling to the cage fence. No matter what Bryan tried to do, he just couldn’t find a way past Subba’s reach.

The biggest weapon for Bryan seemed to be a straight right hand which he threw behind a counter left jab, but Subba came well-prepared for the fight and knew he had to stay away from Bryan’s deceptive power.

In the third, after action ensued much like they did in the first two rounds, Bryan decided to change it up and shot in for a takedown. The two fighters ended up in a clinch and worked against the fence for the remainder of the round.

All three judges scored the bout in favor of Subba, who took home the unanimous decision victory after three rounds.

“I believe that I’m a dangerous fighter for anyone in this division,” said Subba, prior to the bout. “I’ve got range and I’m getting better everyday.”

That he is, and this performance was one of the most comprehensive in his young career. It was evident that Subba learned a lot of lessons from fighting some of the best guys in the division. The experience showed tonight, and a lot will be expected of Subba moving forward.

Gilberto Galvao Decisions Tatsuya Mizuno For Successful ONE Debut

Gilberto “Giba” Galvao made his ONE Championship debut on Friday, 2 September, at the jam-packed Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Despite a few accidental groin shots and the threat of an early stoppage, he powered his way to a unanimous decision over Tatsuya Mizuno.

The Brazilian juggernaut didn’t waste any time as he ran forward with a few sharp punches and immediately clinched his Japanese opponent. Mizuno, a judo black belt, tried avoiding the takedown but Galvao, a former Aspera FC Middleweight Champion, didn’t quit. 

He returned to his earlier strategy of employing his strikes as a distraction to set up the takedown. The newcomer even tried securing a rear naked choke, though he could only get his right hook in.

Mizuno shook him off, and the two would engage in a counter-grappling contest, which eventually saw Giba take the back and fling knees to his opponent’s legs. The Japanese middleweight was able to separate and the two engaged in a seesaw stand-up war that got a little out of hand, as Mizuno accidentally kneed Galvao in the groin. After a brief timeout, the striking match continued to end the opening stanza.

The second round picked up right where the first one left off, with Galvao landing a plethora of overhands and looping punches. Then, as he switched levels and ran in for an attack, Mizuno kneed his opponent in the chest. One of those knees, however, smashed the Brazilian in the groin and the fight came to an abrupt halt.

This time, Galvao would take a full five minutes to recover. For a moment, it looked as if the contest would be called off, but Giba was able to continue. With four minutes remaining in the second round, the two bided their time, making their punches and kicks count.

Mizuno finally started finding a home for his left kick in the beginning of the third round, but the Brazilian juggernaut stayed calm and stuck to his gameplan. Galvao smothered Mizuno for most of the stanza, but in the last 15 seconds, the Tokyo resident broke free and made his last stand with a blistering flurry.

It was too little, too late, however, as Galvao sealed the win on the judges’ scorecards. Galvao improves his record to 29-5-1. He is now riding a five-fight win streak and won 11 of his last 12 fights. Mizuno falls to 15-12-1.

April Osenio Scores Biggest Win of Her Career, Stuns Ann Osman

April Osenio scored the biggest win of her MMA career, stunning Malaysian Ann Osman in one of the main fights of ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS from the Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After a brief period where Osenio showed off her world-class wushu skills standing, it was Osman who got the first takedown off a second attempt. 

However, “Athena” was unable to really dominate her opponents like she has in her previous ONE fights. Osenio almost locked in a deep armbar off that takedown before reversing and displaying her strong ground kills.

As the two strawweight competitors spent much of the round reversing position and trading blows and submission attempts, it was Osenio who got the jump on a guillotine choke. 

As she adjusted and tightened the grip, there was nothing that Osman could do but tap and end the fight in the first round. It was a heartbreaking loss for Osman, who has dropped two straight bouts fighting in front of her home fans. 

Osenio improved to 2-1 with the win, which was her second victory in ONE with both coming via submission and inside of the first round. For Osman, the loss dropped her to 4-3 overall.

Shannon Wiratchai Claims TKO Victory of Peter Davis

In a tremendous show of pure heart and determination, top lightweight contender Shannon “One Shin” Wiratchai of Bangkok, Thailand went shot for shot with Malaysia’s Peter Davis in a highly entertaining contest.

The two fighters gave everything they had and blasted each other with powerful shots every minute of the bout while it lasted, much to the delight of the packed Stadium Negara crowd.

In the first round, Wiratchai showcased unbelievable calm and composure as Davis unleashed lightning-quick high head kicks, keeping Wiratchai tactically glued to the fence at all times.

Wiratchai however, is among the most dynamic offensive fighters in ONE Championship regardless of weight class, and he brought his wide array of techniques right to Davis, repeatedly testing the Malaysian’s chin.

A huge right hand towards the end of the round landed for Wiratchai, which dropped Davis, and a follow-up flurry nearly finished the fight if it weren’t for the saving grace of the bell signalling the end of the round.

By the conclusion of round one, it was evident that Wiratchai was the more talented striker. In the second round, Davis still visibly shaken up from the damage he sustained in the prior round, operating on pure grit and intestinal fortitude to keep on his feet against a Wiratchai that seemed content to cruise to victory.

Davis tried to close the gap and enter a clinch on multiple occasions, but was unable to take Wiratchai to the mat. Despite being nearly completely out, Davis persevered and kept himself in the fight.

Suddenly, a spinning back fist out of the blue landed for Davis, knocking Wiratchai to the ground and completely changing the complexion of the bout. From then on, the fight was to be decided by who had more left in the tank.

Wiratchai, although still reeling from the effects of the knockdown, continued to press forward with little or no defense, completely disrespecting Davis’ power. That’s when a Wiratchai uppercut dropped Davis again, but this time an ensuing volley of punches effectively ended the bout.

The fight was waved off officially at 3:32 of round two, giving Wiratchai the technical knockout victory.

Exciting Thriller Ends The Night as Ev Ting Outlasts Rob Lisita

The main event for ONE: UNBREAKABLE WARRIORS was set to deliver fireworks and, judging by the crowd reaction at Kuala Lumpur’s Stadium Negara, it surely didn’t disappoint. 

It was a back-and-forth Tasmanian affair, but in the end, Malaysian-bred, New Zealand-based lightweight Ev Ting edged out Australia’s “Ruthless” Rob Lisita via unanimous decision.

From the opening bell, it was nonstop action. Lisita and Ting quickly engaged in a stand-up war, with the hometown hero doing the most damage on the former SFC South Pacific Featherweight Champion. But Lisita, who vowed to showcase his revamped wrestling game courtesy of Australian Top Team, stayed true to his word by mixing powerful strikes with excellent grappling, clever takedowns, and intense ground and pound of impressive variety.

Though the Aussie mixed martial artist may have performed a little better in the first stanza, Ting stepped it up in the second round. The Auckland MMA product’s leg kicks and boxing grew much crisper, especially as Lisita was beginning to tire.

“Ruthless” was able to secure a few takedowns, but the local hero bounced right back up like he was the invincible man of steel. Most notably, at the end of the round, Lisita went for a failed takedown attempt, which allowed Ting to knee and punch to close strong.

With the fight relatively even, the third and final stanza would be the difference maker. Ting, who was starting to show the toll the fight was taking on him, was the sharper striker of the two lightweights, and he truly began to separate himself a few minutes into the round. 

He clinched Lisita against the cage, threw a beautiful cross and leg kick combo, and went for a few guillotine chokes — one, in particular, came when he used the move to sweep the Aussie and end up in the mount position.

Lisita, however, quickly escaped. But once he was back on his feet, Ting brought relentless pressure. Much to the audience’s delight, he ended the match by delivering hard kicks and punches to an absolutely tired, but totally game, Rob Lisita.

The judges scored the contest in favor of Ting, who told Mitch Chilson and the crowd at Stadium Negara his primary objective. “I want a title shot, guys,” the hero said. “Let’s go!”

ONE World Lightweight Champion Shinya Aoki will be preoccupied over the next couple of months as he is slated to defend his title against Eduard Folayang at ONE: DEFENDING HONOR on 11 November, but Ting certainly made his case tonight.

Ting pushes his record to 12-3 and now rides a three-fight win streak. Lisita loses his fourth straight fight and falls to 14-9.



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