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Today we’re here with UFC Hall of famer, former welterweight champion, and the man behind many other UFC legends, like Matt Hughes, Tim Sylvia, Robbie Lawler, Jens Pulver, just to name a few. The incomparable, Pat Miletich. Pat, how are you?

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Doing great. Thanks for having me.

Now a days you can find Pat doing a phenomenal job commentating on AXSTV Fights. Or on his podcast, The Conspiracy Farm. Its highly entertaining and very informative. What else are you up to these days?

We’re working on a website; a platform. It’s going to cover every sport. There’s a twist to it that we can’t really let out yet, but we feel like its going to be kind of like the online ESPN, before they allowed all the garbage politics, and everything else they to get into the sporting world. So, we’re just building that and getting ready to launch it pretty quick.

When do you think that will be?

I would say within a month.

What are you calling it?

Odds Gods.

Will it be aimed towards gambling?

It will be aimed towards experts giving their insight on who’s got the edge in what game or what fight.

How involved are you with training or mentoring fighters? Are there any fighters you see on the horizon that we should look out for?

Not a whole lot. You know, I enjoyed it a lot, but I burned the candle at both ends, as a fighter and as a coach for many years. Ran a hundred miles an hour for almost 20 years. At the time that I stopped coaching, I was working for 3 major television networks. I had my gym. I was coaching and training law enforcement and military groups, in addition to training fighters. I reached all my goals as an athlete and as a coach.

I’ve got three young girls now. I had two girls at the time, and I just said, you know, my kids are going to move away and go to college, and not even really know me, so that was the reason I stopped doing it.

That’s heavy.

Well, its life, you know. You realize that all this stuff out there that we’re reaching for, all these accolades, is not that big a deal in the big picture. I wanted to spend time with my kids.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the work you do with police departments. What kind of work do you do with them?

A lot of people have a misunderstanding that I would teach law enforcement and military submission grappling, and jiu-jitsu. Now, of-course, controlling another human being hasn’t changed in thousands of years, ever since the days of Pankration. People come up with new moves, now and then and basically, they’re just rediscovering stuff that’s already been practiced. I mean, I’ve got books from the 20s from Earl Lederman, and other catch wrestlers. These catch wrestlers were doing the same exact submissions that jiu-jitsu guys are doing today.

We don’t teach submissions. Its leverage-based compliance. That’s something that is court defensible for law enforcement. It’s important because we want cops to be able to not only know how to control people, but if somebody is fighting back, the cop doesn’t need to be the one doing the injuring.

We’ll teach everything from getting out of bad positions, getting in to good positions, edged weapons, weapon retention, and other things like that.

Do you do any work with them on how to mentally, and emotionally approach a situation? Things like de-escalation?

Yeah. Everything that we teach can be used either to put somebody in to a prone position, or to disengage, basically. And mindset has to be there. When we think about a cop, people don’t realize that they have the same problems that you and I have. Imagine a cop getting ready to get off his shift. He’s got somebody pulled over, and he’s got to go get his kids from school, or whatever it is. He’s not thinking, he makes one mistake and boom, a fight happens. So, its about being focused, and not letting distractions happen.

Our focus is on trying to educate the people writing the checks for the training for police departments. Those are the people that we need to help. We need to explain that if you have a well-trained force, you’re going to save money in the law suits, because things are not going to escalate. They’re not going to have a chance to escalate, and things will get under control a lot quicker, most of the time, if you have highly trained law enforcement officers.

The people that write the checks, many of them think that highly trained officers are a liability and are going to go out and beat the living shit out of everybody. But that is what happens when you have law enforcement officers who aren’t confident and who are scared to death. People just don’t understand that dynamic. I mean, if I’m a cop, and I’ve got somebody pulled over, and there is anything chancy going on, and I don’t have a skill set, I’m going to go to my gun or my taser, right away because I am scared. That’s when bad things happen.

If you’ve ever met an MMA fighter or wrestler or jiu-jitsu practitioner, you get the sense that they are usually better sorted out emotionally, than your average person; especially in a tense situation. It seems counter intuitive to think that a person like that would not be better equipped to handle a dangerous situation, than a untrained person.

Yeah, you know, you see it all the time. The confident world class fighters don’t generally run their mouths a whole lot, unless they have to for theatrics and selling tickets. They’re generally going to be some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

What did you think of UFC 223?

I didn’t watch it. I did pick the winners. I was 100% on that. I thought that Rose was going to win again, and obviously Khabib was going to win that fight. From what I hear, he shifted out of high gear well into the fight, and just kind of coasted.

It was interesting. I think with a guy that he could afford to test out his boxing, he got a chance to use his jab. I think that’s what eventually got Iaquinta. It wasn’t even his wrestling.

Well, Khabib is good enough that he can coast and deliberately not finish someone to lure somebody else into fighting him.

What did you think about what Conor did backstage at the Barclays Center?

I can understand the passion, and that brotherly love of sticking up for your buddy, or your training partner, but the way he went about it was obviously idiotic. It’s a black eye for the sport. There’s better ways of going about things.

I mean, what better way to go about it than coming back and saying, “Alright, you picked on my boy. Let’s fight. Let’s get in the cage. Let’s make a bunch of money, and I’ll kick you ass at the same time”.

Flying 20 guys from Ireland to ambush somebody? Eh, that’s a ghetto move.

I totally agree. I wonder though, if it was his intention to be that destructive and that violent, or if it was just supposed to be a publicity stunt that got out of hand.

I can see it being a publicity stunt that went completely off the rails. At the same time, I’m sitting here thinking, what’d he make, $100 million for that Mayweather fight? Had I been the guy that got that fight with Mayweather and made $100 million, I’m done. I’m buying a ranch in Montana and I’m gone! You’re probably never going to hear from me again.

I think if you asked most people their favorite UFC fight of all times, it has got to be Hughes Trigg 2. Talk about Drama and suspense, My God! What was it like being in the corner while that was happening?

It was insane. Mario Yamasaki obviously screwed up very badly on the low blow situation. He started to step in to separate the fighters, and then Trigg landed a couple more punches and dropped Hughes, and then Mario jumped back out of the way.

I was furious! I jumped up on the deck and was on the cage, screaming. I was being pulled by my shirt, down off the cage. And I’m slapping arms away. I’m not even looking behind me. I’m trying to scream at Mario. Basically saying “You dumb sonnuva…”, you know? I was not happy. I turned around and it was Las Vegas Metro cops trying to pull me down off the cage. So, I decided to get down, so I didn’t go to jail.

When Hughes recovered, got rid of the rear choke, reversed Trigg, and then picked him up off the cage and looked for us, to bring him over to us and slam him right in-front of us. I could see that Matt was thoroughly pissed off at that point and Trigg was in serous trouble.

The crowd just progressively got louder and louder during that whole reversal. By the time they hit the canvas, the roof literally blew off the building.

It was insane. I remember watching that at home, live. To this day I reflect on that moment every time I encounter a difficult situation in life. Matt fighting off the low blow, the rear naked choke, and picking Trigg up, saying “Not today.” It’s one of the greatest things ever.

Touching more on your Conspiracy Farm podcast. What has been the wildest revelation your have come to on the course of speaking to the kind of people your podcast allows you to?

We’ve had such a variety of people on the show. We’ve had Peter Schiff, who’s an economist that predicted the ’08 collapse. He was laughed at on CNN, and by other economists. Those other economists, I’ve never seen again on TV, but Peter Schiff certainly has been. He’s a very bright guy.

All the way to Special Forces, Navy Seals. We had Tim Kennedy, Army Ranger Sniper. We’ve had Russian special forces, SPETSNAZ guys who now live here. All the way up to CIA counter espionage director, Dave Szady. We had Dilyana Gaytandsheiva on our show twice now. She’s the Bulgarian reporter that exposed the Bulgarian made weapons that were in ISIS’ possession in Syria a few years ago. Then also exposed the flight manifests from a company called Silk Way Airlines, a cargo plane company that was delivering all these massive loads of weapons all over the world to hot spots, as john mccain was stepping in to broker deals with the, quote, free Syrian Army, when it turns out that it was, obviously, Muslim extremists. They had also photographed and filmed chemical weapons in those arms storage locations.

So, when you see President Trump announce that he wants to get us out of Syria, and then a couple of days later, there’s suddenly a chemical attack by Assad on his own people. You can bet your ass that that’s a lie.

I can’t recall times as uncertain as we’re facing now. Where do you see this going?

Well, you know what? It’s a race against time and a race against two sides to be honest with you. A lot of people like to discount the term Deep State, and that it even exists, but now we see main stream media has started to pick up on the phrase and use it every once in a while. The establishment is a business model of corruption. Politicians across the globe, including our own are deeply entrenched in it.

There are a few that are not, luckily. And I do believe, that as much of a prick as Donald Trump is, he is trying to get rid of these guys. I think that a lot of the resignations, and the people deciding not to run for office again, are a sign that its actually working. You’re seeing a massive amount of CEO’s resign over the past year. I think there’s a lot of stuff going on behind that scenes that people don’t fully understand.

Now, I always go deeper than the surface with things, and when you look at Mueller raiding Donald Trump’s attorney’s office and turning up a payment from a Russian for $150,000 to Donald Trump for a video speech that he gave, which was probably ten minutes long, well, that same Russian also donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation. That’s where you have to think deeper and understand that every person, literally, that has been investigated and or charged also worked for either the Clinton or Obama administrations. And the charges stem from when they were working for those two administrations. So, when you think of Manafort, he worked with the group that was doing lobbying for the biggest bank in Russia. There’s a lot of stuff going on. When an investigation goes into the files and finds this Russian that donated $150,000 to Trump, or paid him for a speech, but that guy also donated $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, well the investigation has to continue in that direction, with that individual. So, there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Now one of the juiciest conspiracy theories around is concerning Aliens. Have you come across any information regarding extra-terrestrials?

You know, we’ve stayed away from aliens, and big foot and all the other stuff just because we prefer the geo-political and domestic policy stuff, but to think that there is not other life in this massive expanse that we stare in to, its got to be awfully tough to think that we’re the only planet that has life. And a lot of people think in terms of multi-dimensional or other explanations. It gets pretty deep. We don’t need to get into it here, but I’m pretty confident we aren’t the only intelligent life form walking around. I mean, there’s a lot of pretty convincing footage of shit flying around that not supposed to be flying around the way its flying around. When the government and the Pentagon release footage of fighter pilots filming these guys and talking to each other, and there’s a whole fleet of these things, its pretty convincing.

And if that guy doesn’t know what he’s looking at, then we’re in trouble.


Finally let’s run through some upcoming fights, and I’d love to get your thoughts and your picks. Let’s start with Stipe vs DC. How do you see that playing out?

Stipe’s too big, and hits too hard. And he can wrestle. He’s not the pedigree of wrestler that Cormier is but he’s going to give Cormier an awfully rough time. Stipe’s a very durable and powerful dude. I think DC runs into some serious trouble in that one.

Do you think it goes to decision?

I don’t know. Its tough to pick with a couple of monsters like that, but I do believe Stipe is going to win. And I’m honestly not saying that because he’s creation also. That literally my two favorite fighters Stipe and DC.

Well DC made a career, early on, of beating up huge heavyweights. I mean, the way he rag-dolled Josh Barnett was surprising.

Well Josh is a good wrestler, and a good submission guy but Daniel Cormier is on a whole other level.

Okay, what about Mir vs Fedor?

I see an in-shape Frank Mir coming in and winning that fight.

Finally let’s end with Whittaker v Romero 2.

I think Whittaker takes it again.

Well thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. It was very informative and truly an honor.

Thank you so much.

Interview By: Mozz Manzoor

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