Patchy Mix: “I’m thrilled to be fighting for a World Title in my hometown”

RIO RANCHO, NM (Fri, October 13, 2017)– Undefeated prospect Patchy Mix (5-0) will be fighting in the Main Event at King of the Cage for the KOTC Flyweight World Title (135 lbs.) at Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino in Salamanca, New York on Saturday, November 18, 2017. Mix will go toe-to-toe against Andre Ewell (9-3) and has never lost a fight in both his professional and amateur career and is one of the top rising stars in MMA. Check out his recent interview with FightBookMMA.

Out of all the sports to pick from why MMA?

Out of all the sports I chose MMA because when I was in high school, I needed extra work off-season with my wrestling and it just so happened one of my older mentors was a professional MMA fighter.(Dennis brown)

How excited are you to be back in the cage in November?

I’m very excited to be back in the cage locally. Looking forward to contending for my first professional title!

You’re training at Jackson Wink MMA Academy for your upcoming fight, how does it feel to be training amongst legends and future legends of the sport?

I did a split camp half at Jacksons and the other half here at WNYMMA, Being exposed to JW was huge though. I was able to work with a lot of UFC fighters and really get a lot of advice from all of the coaches. Now that I’ve flown back home to NY I feel it’s just taken my game to the next level!

Do you have any pre-fight rituals?

MY pre-fight ritual is usually to go get a new suit fitted and tailored. My buddy (Solomon Renfro) put me on to this ritual.

Can you explain your fighting style?

My fighting style is high pressure and pace I like to break my opponents inside of the cage, I feel if I touch the mat with I have the ability to finish anyone in the world.

Your next fight for King of the Cage is on the KOTC: ULTIMATE MIX fight card. You will be fighting for the KOTC Flyweight World Title, what can the fight fans expect?

My next fights name explains it all “Ultimate Mix” as in “Patchy Mix” or “No Love Mix.” I’m thrilled to be fighting for a world title in my hometown. Just the energy and buzz in the arena on Nov 18th, the atmosphere will be insane and I always perform better under the pressure.

Will this be one of your biggest fights so far in your MMA career?

This will be my biggest fight accomplishment wise, but my next fight is always the biggest for me. I’ve won 16 in a row and I plan to make it 17!!

If you win this title fight, what’s next?

After this fight in November I plan to reign as the 135 lb King of the Cage world champ and take out all comers until I get my shot in the UFC.

Thank you for taking the time to sit with me Patchy, any sponsors or anyone you want to shout out?

I’d like to thank my sponsors, Cody Snyder(cat-rez), Brian Traky(metro Roberts reality), (Battaglia Lawncare LLC), Empire Lawn Care, (Give Blood Cage Fight), (OWL-Organs with love), (Spears Jewelry), (Rule 26). A few sponsors were left unnamed but a big thanks to all involved. As well as everyone at WNYMMA/JACKSON WINK! Without the help of my sponsors, coaches, training partners and doctors none of this is possible. November 18th we get to 6-0 and claim our first world title !!!!


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